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The star in the popular Siblings series found itself in an exceptional situation with his four wives because of a corona – one of the wives made a decision that infuriates the man – Entertainment

The famous TV family living in a polyamorous relationship had to be divided into different homes. Now one of the wives no longer wants her husband to visit her.

Arizonalainen Brown codes, 52, encountered an embarrassing problem during the Crown Year that cannot be argued to be a very common Chronicle-era challenge. He had to divide with his family into four different apartments to avoid the corona.

Brown is also popular in Finland SistersTV show with his four wives. A family living in a polyamorous union previously lived with their 18 children in one of the cities of Flagstaff, Arizona.

When Korona swept over Flagstaff, the wives in the family each shared with their own children their own homes to reduce the risk of corona. Brown, in turn, moves from house to house, taking turns living with each of his wives.

– At the moment, my biggest concern is that I would have to be separated from my family members for a long period of time. When you are ill, a big part of the healing process is the care and attention you receive from your loved ones. I can’t go take care of my wife if she gets sick because then others would get sick too, Brown explains the series in a recently released episode in the United States.

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The series is represented by a TLC channel.

Kody Brown has four wives: Mary since 1990, Janelle since 1993, Christine since 1994 and Robyn from 2010.

People magazine now says that the Korona everyday has not been a very busy time for the family anyway.

Brown complains that the wives rattle him “like a rag doll”. The man is not happy that each wife is saying his opinions on his schedules. In addition, every wife runs her own house as she pleases, and she doesn’t think she has enough influence over things.

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– It just feels weird to me. I just have to be that ok, you do that. Like that moment, doesn’t I have anything to say about this, the man accounts for People magazine.

The worst crisis erupted when Janelle was informed by phone that she did not want her husband to come during Korona to avoid the corona.

Janelle and Kody have as many as seven children together.

Kody then immediately suggested a family reunion via video call.

Janelle would not have wanted other wives to intervene. However, Kody rolled through that the conversation must take place in the hearing of all.

“It’s one of those times when I really wished I could just dictate to my wives how we do it,” Kody describes.

The husband and wives gathered for a conversation via video call. Each wife shared her thoughts in the call.

Janelle, 51, first argued that she would not want Kody to visit her because one of her children goes to work and they are therefore a risk to others. The children of the other wives were all just at home.

Christine, 48, then suggested that Kody could stay in one house at a time for a few days at a time until one could see if anyone had coronary symptoms, and only then move on to the next house when well-being could be ascertained. Christine also said that Kodyn should immediately throw her clothes in the laundry and go to the shower when she comes to the new house.

By this point, Kody was already irritated by the eyes.

– Why are you so angry? Christine asked the man.

– Because you’re talking about my body. I feel like I’m being thrown around like a rag doll, was the answer.

Robyn, 42, again thought the whole situation was challenging for their family principles.

– We can’t make Kody not go to Janelle. We are a family. How could we solve this properly? He worried.

However, Janelle stayed with her decision and forbade Kodya from coming to her house.

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