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The Spanish rugby team loses its third game in Portugal (43-28) in a disastrous second half

Saturday, March 27, 2021 – 18:50

The Lions, who will not play again until July, have to win almost every game to continue fighting for qualification.

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The Spanish team, in yellow, on one of the platforms that have given them an advantage in the first half
Spanish Rugby Federation

The Spanish rugby team had, to their misfortune, subscribed to the defeat by the Pricist. To lose against Georgia and Rumana games that he played with options and at times he had controlled. It happened again this Saturday in Lisbon, but with an even more painful outcome. He doesn’t even have the consolation point left for falling by less than seven. After clearly dominating the first half, Santos’ team was disarmed in the second half: they have conceded no less than 29 points.

Lions and Lobos They reached this qualifying phase with the consideration of exhibiting the most dangerous game at hand. It had not served the Portuguese in preventing their defeats. The Spaniards barely took advantage of it last Saturday against Rumana.

Rugby, however, begins to decide ahead. In the mel, in the throw-in, on the platforms and of course on the ground. Without the balls obtained there, little does the most inspired three-quarter look. Before the sprinters, the strongmen enter the fray. And Spain prevailed at the beginning. From the first mel sac petrleor. A penalty hit, side kick in the opposite 22, platform that advances and after the opening, another blow at five meters. Another serve maul of the Lions and test of the Pinto beater, transformed by Ordas (0-7).

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The Spanish team returned to the charge and stayed within meters. It caused a temporary expulsion, he insisted. Repeatedly. When the Lions they advanced from maul in maul, the Wolves defend from infraction to infraction. Attacking thirteen rivals, another platform ended Rouet’s essay, again transformed. 0-14 for the Santos team in 17 minutes in which Portugal had neither touched the ball nor crossed the border of the midfield.

A thirty-meter race by Nuno Sousa was the first warning from the Wolves, who encircled the Spanish 22nd. With his line wide and his forward forward, Portugal obtained the mark under the sticks of Simoes that put him in the match (7-14) and he warned of the lethal danger of his galloping rugby.

At the helm of Spain the Ordas opening glowed, with kicks that gave him oxygen when he suffered most. With openings to the line that, from hand to hand, concluded in the brand, also transformed, of defender Malie (7-21). Guiding Portugal stood out Nuno Sousa, a prodigy of intuition looking for holes. His second start, burning the wheel, breaking waists, ended in a test by Portela who revived the Lobos (14-21) at halftime.

The first part left, for the Lions, the lesson that they needed to secure their possessions, control the game, avoid any mess. The second started with a serious mistake, and he is not the first in these games. The failure in the reception of the serve allowed that the Portuguese settled in the 22 visitor. His third rehearsal came, by Rodrigo Marta, when he picked up a cross kick. The transformation. The tie at 21. The unforced errors of the Lions, surfaced in the next offensive with a tackle to an airborne rival from Perrin that left them with one player less and thirty minutes ahead.

Until there came Spain. The front of the Lobos came to dominate, seized the oval, his line chained supports, all gained meters and they stepped on the danger zone. They showed and hid the ball. Hand games. They achieved, on a diagonal from the Storti wing towards the center, the fourth mark, also transformed (28-21). Portugal regained the score and numerical superiority. And he launched himself to finish off the crash.

Spain, with the water through the nose, held the first stake. The second, on the counterattack, left the Lions with thirteen members due to temporary expulsion from Mali. The Portuguese team scored three points with their foot and widened the gap to ten (31-21). Unchained, back on the run, the Wolves sentenced (38-21).

The set of Santos looks naked in defense and without ideas in attack. For the third day I tried desperately to advance. Ball under your arm, go ahead with everything, nothing else to lose. Using their usual weapons, side kick and touche, they unleashed another offensive along the Portuguese line and Ordas’s charge brought the oval to the ground under sticks (38-28). There were no more chances. Portugal scored a last trial (43-28), Spain was left in frustration.

If the two previous matches were short for the Spanish team, the one in Lisbon has become eternal. The Lions were playing against Portugal, against disappointed expectations – because they undoubtedly form a good team – against the anxiety of last Saturday. If the results could point to a rugby problem so far, the collapse of the second half generates another one of confidence.

Portugal revives and Spain falters. It’s not on the mat yet. With six victories, feasible, in the seven games that remain, he can reach third place that gives way to a play-off. The best news is that he won’t be playing again until July. Three months to breathe, to undertake a comeback that right now seems far away. A time out to resurrect.

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