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Home Sport The Spanish rugby team is a few meters away from beating Georgia
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The Spanish rugby team is a few meters away from beating Georgia


Sunday, March 14, 2021 –

The Lions fell 19-25 in a game in which they never gave up the initiative and in which they missed up to three opportunities to come back in the final minutes.

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Brad Linklater poses the ball in the Spanish test
Victor Lerena EFE

Yes, but not yet. The rugby team led by Santiago Santos squeezed, closed and made Georgia suffer but is left with the frustration for a very balanced game that he could have won and ended up losing 19-25.

If the Lelos They are “a machine”, as defined by the defender of the Lions, Charly Mali, the local XV was not inferior. He did not give up the initiative and took the duel where he wanted. And there, in the death throes, he accused the inaccuracies and fatigue. His comeback was missing a few meters.

The keys for Spain to have options were not to concede punishment blows and to avoid the entrances of the Lelos in 22 with the ball controlled. From those premises, it could not start worse. The first indiscipline was committed shortly after the opening whistle and, after the throw-in, Georgia, accumulating phases, after a test that was easy to transform. 0-7 at minute three.

The first merit of the Lions was his quick reaction. As soon as he had the ball, the Spanish line made it circulate and, after a kick to follow, the oval was hunted by Linklater to take it to the grass. Gemes transformed for the tie (7-7).

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I always respect Georgia’s lead. When you form the mel, your first pan chest line clenches the pegs, creaks, and routinely drags the opponent back. Spain felt the pressure on her bones. I did not give in. In the first half, he endured up to three consecutive lunges at the edge of his trench. Defense after defense and without jumping to the kickoffs, he also managed to tackle the platforms. The dominance of so many minutes only translated for Georgia into three points (7-10). A lesser evil that reinforced the conviction of the whole of Santiago Santos.

Despite committing more shots than desirable and some doubts in the first hanging balls, the Lions they were never sharply outmatched. Solid in the contacts, serious in defense and well guided in attack by the Gemes opening kicks, they took the ball in the final stretch of the first half. The young Spanish three-quarters, with Gimeno at the fore, exhibits her danger in each deployment. I did not conquer the mark but another kick to sticks tied the crash at halftime (10-10). It was his declaration of intent.

Even with the fight at ground level, Georgia did not take much advantage of the sky kicks either. The Spanish rear, very sure, guaranteed the receptions. As the minute 47 passed, the Lions they took the lead on the scoreboard (13-10) thanks to a penalty hit. The Lelos they came back in a sigh, with a trial (13-15) favored by a probable obstruction that the referee did not want to review in the TMO chamber.

Run the 60th minute and the challenge could be decided in any throw. The Eurasian team again stepped on, with a sharp fang and a swollen vein, the Spanish 22. Again he only took three points (13-18). Forcing another blow, the Lions they narrowed the clash again (16-18). There they paid dearly for several consecutive judgments. Bad reception, infraction in defense, side kick against and unstoppable entry of the maul white in the local brand zone.

With a margin like 16-25, Georgia usually closes its commitments. It has not happened this Sunday. Spain still had the strength to regain the initiative and score three points (19-25). The Lions then they grew. Convinced, resounding, dominating, they surrounded the visiting staging line. They wasted up to three chances in the hot zone, just a few meters from the staging line.

Georgia, winner for serenity and experience, leaves Madrid, one more year with the claimed status of dominator of the second European level and, in the classification, four points – he scored three tests by Jagolonia, Tabutsadze and Bregvadze, for one by Spain- .

The XV de Santos has to console himself with a point for the narrow margin of his defeat. The coach said at the end that this meager reward could be key to qualification. Although Lions they lose a match that they could lose, they leave feelings of maturity in front of the rest of the candidates. With the exception of the last minutes, they knew how to handle the game, a very important value before the visit to Rumana next weekend. A victory there will ratify the Spanish candidacy on the road leading to the World Cup.

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