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the sorting of patients in hospitals, an “absolute red line”, says Le Maire

The sorting of patients in hospitals due to the increase in Covid-19 cases is an “absolute red line”, said Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire on Tuesday, ensuring that the government wants to avoid such an end.

“We are all touched, upset by what we see as testimonies of caregivers, doctors, in front of the difficulties which are theirs, in front of the increase in the number of cases in intensive care (…) and we want to do everything so that their situation can be as tenable as possible. There is an absolute red line, it is the sorting of patients, “said Bruno Le Maire on RCJ radio. “We certainly do not want to reach a point where hospital staff would be forced to sort out the sick,” he insisted.

Several doctors warn about the hospital situation

With more than 4,970 patients in intensive care on Monday, the peak of the second wave of the epidemic in the fall was exceeded in France. In two separate stands at the Sunday newspaper and at World, hospital doctors have alerted to this filling of intensive care units, fearing that this would force them to sort patients for lack of a sufficient number of beds to accommodate them all.

“It’s not a bet we made, it’s a choice”

Asked about the government’s strategy not to have reconfigured earlier to avoid an outbreak of the epidemic, the Minister of the Economy defended the “choice” of the executive. “It is not a bet that we made (…), it is a choice (…) to preserve the French as long as possible, to avoid overly restrictive health restriction measures”, on the economy, the social situation and the morale of the French, he argued.

“As long as it was possible we kept this choice,” said Bruno Le Maire, while the President of the Republic said on Sunday that “nothing” had been decided on a possible additional turn of the screw in the 19 departments most affected.

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