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The small print of BiciMad that is very expensive for the user: 90 euros for a 10-minute trip

The incident is occurring in the new service ‘Go’

BiciMad is returning the money to those affected and informing them that it is not worth it just to anchor the bikes in the stations

A young woman takes a bicycle out of a BiciMad station, in the center of Madrid.

On Saturday, March 20, Pablo got up as an athlete. I had some errands to run around the Bernabu area and decided to try BiciMad Go, which differs from the standard bike rental service in that they can be picked up and parked in any permitted location by current road regulations. They also differ in their price: 19 cent per minute, compared to the 50 cents that it costs half an hour in the normal BiciMad. I found one of these electric bikes on Avenida Ramón y Caja

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He traveled less than two kilometers downhill with her – about a 10-minute drive – until he reached the Paseo de la Habana, where he left her parked at a station.

He checked that it had been well anchored and left

. The cost of your crossbar: 90 euros. “That same Saturday I realized, after finishing my tour, that my trip did not appear in the application. But my balance was still intact, with the 10 euros I had. I sent an email to BiciMad and called 010, where they opened an incident, but nobody answered me. This Tuesday, when I wanted to take another bike,

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I discovered that I had a balance of -79.42

“, explains Pablo, still surprised. He was not aware that, on these new bicycles, once the journey is finished,

a lock must be placed under the taillight

. “When I called 010 they asked me if I had put the lock, but it was already far away, on the other side of Madrid. Until then I had not seen any information regarding said lock, I thought that if the bike would stay anchored in the station ,

like the rest, it was enough

…, reels. More carefully, at home, I looked for the information about said padlock: Searching the application, it appears in a section that is quite difficult to access, within the rates,

in a fourth paragraph


Quick fix

Luckily for Pablo, and for the rest of the users to whom the same thing has happened, BiciMad promptly solved these incidents. “When I called them they fixed it right away. There must have been

a flood of calls

They didn’t ask me almost anything … I gave my information, I told them how long my trip lasted and, finally, they only charged me one euro. The young woman who attended me

Said they were giving everyone the money back

“, evokes Pablo. From BiciMad they assure that this user’s

it has not been an isolated case

and that, “at the moment, all users are being informed” and

adjusting the disruption of your balance in the application

. It is enough to call the information telephone number and give the ID or the name of the holder.

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