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The signings of Citizens that Ayuso wants to incorporate into his Government: Marta Rivera for Culture and Toni Cant in a portfolio to be defined

At the expense of scrutiny on May 4, if Isabel Daz Ayuso achieved her goal of governing alone, Marta Rivera de la Cruz probably form part of a hypothetical new one-color Executive of the Community of Madrid. She will be the only Citizens Councilor who will repeat in office. Unlike Toni Cant, also coming from the training Orange and that occupies the position number five of the list of the PP for the elections, the person in charge of Culture and Tourism in the failed

The coalition has not entered the candidacy, but both his job future and that of the actor could be within the Government of Puerta del Sol. In the campaign team of the regional president and candidate for re-election they point out that there is still nothing closed, But they acknowledge that he has a very good opinion of how Rivera has led the response during the coronavirus pandemic to support the cultural and tourism sectors. The same PP sources add that although Ayuso aspires to have a sufficient majority to allow him to develop his project, he also wants

have the best managers in your team

, regardless of the party, since in Cs and Vox there are good managers. Among them is also considered

the profile of Cant

-as EL MUNDO advanced last week-, who after more than a decade occupying opposition seats with UPyD first and with the party of

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Ins Arrimadas


now aspires to take the step to the gesti

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n. Although it has not yet been specified which Councilor could lead, the already former leader of Ciudadanos

has no intention of bidding on Culture

. However, he has shown a high degree of interest in educational issues during his last political stage in the Valencian Courts. The way for Rivera’s re-election would thus be cleared,

ceased with the vice president of Madrid


Ignacio Aguado

, and the other four members of the Government belonging to the quota


. In addition to praising her repeatedly in public with the only objection that the writer does not benefit from those compliments, the president professes such esteem that she not only supports her former chief of staff,

Sandra Fernndez

, as general director of the Media: unlike the rest of the councilors who were controlled by Cs, where there have been more than twenty dismissals, Ayuso has left the


of high positions of Rivera.

Total mutism

Marta Rivera keeps a total silence since the rupture of the regional government and the serious crisis of Citizens. Despite the fact that the leader does not agree with the direction her party has taken, according to internal sources, she has decided to remain

in silence so as not to deepen the wound

open in its formation. In fact, and despite the closeness of the former head of Culture to the Gnova street party – there are in the PP who refers to her as the

eighth counselor

-, she has preferred not to appear on Ayuso’s list for 4-M.

Stay affiliated with Ciudadanos

and you don’t want to cause more fractures at a very delicate time. For Toni Cant, however, his status as a militant has not been good for him to have entered the candidacy of the


under the condition of independent. Faced with what they consider a provocation, the Permanent Commission of the Executive of Cs, chaired by Ins Arrimadas, announced on Monday the opening of

an expulsion file

a Cant because internal regulations prohibit militants from campaigning for other parties. The Statutes are what they are (…); there will be no exception, said Cs Communications Secretary Daniel Prez Calvo.

More additions

Two other politicians from the liberal formation will attend this new electoral appointment in the ranks of the PP. Is about

Marta Marbn

, already a former deputy for Citizens in the Madrid Assembly after the dissolution of the Chamber, and

Sergio Brabezo

, which continues to do so because it is in the Permanent Council and, as confirmed by the Parliamentary Group, has not renounced the act. Brabezo said at first that he would leave his minutes, but finally he preferred to continue as a deputy for a few more months. The two will occupy, respectively, positions 44 and 43 on the list


. In the 2019 elections, the most striking movement to change acronyms took place precisely in the opposite direction:

Angel Garrido

, former president of popular Madrid and then number four in the candidacy of

Pablo Casado

to the European Parliament, the autonomic list of Cs was passed in a movement of

Albert Rivera

to achieve the hegemony of the center-right cornering the PP.

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