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the series “Chiki” received five awards from APKiT – RT in Russian

On March 26, the award ceremony of the Association of Film and Television Producers (APKiT) took place. The best TV series of the year were “Chiki” (the project collected five awards in total), “257 reasons to live”, “#SidYadoma” and “Unprincipled”. The best director according to the Association was Eduard Hovhannisyan. In the acting categories, awards were given to Chulpan Khamatova, Pyotr Fedorov, Timofey Tribuntsev and Tatiana Dogileva. Also at the ceremony were awarded special prizes “for cinema that saves lives” for the creators of the films “Shugale” and “Doctor Lisa”.

On March 26, the list of laureates of the IX Prize of the Association of Film and Television Producers (APKiT) was announced. The hosts of the event were showman Garik Martirosyan and TV presenter Irina Petrova. The ceremony was diversified by humorous and playful elements. Most of the nominees and filmmakers participated in the event via video link.

Olga Lyubimova, Minister of Culture of Russia, made an opening speech before the ceremony. She called the award “an incentive to improve the level of excellence” and wished the filmmakers “new achievements and an inexhaustible source of inspiration.”

The best TV series (up to 24 episodes) according to the experts was the Chiki project. One of the general producers, Mikhail Vrubel, noted that together with his colleagues, he set out to help Eduard Hovhannisyan, who was responsible for staging, script writing, editing and other aspects of production, to complete the work. Hovhannisyan himself also received a separate statuette as a director.

The main characters of the series are former prostitutes from a small town in southern Russia. After one of them has visited Moscow, the friends decide to change their lives and open a fitness club.

In the nomination for projects with a volume of more than 24 episodes, the prize went to “257 reasons to live”. Earlier, the story of Zhenya Korotkova, who defeated cancer, but was not needed by others, participated in the competition of the Canneseries festival. The tape will be shown to foreign audiences.

  • APCiT award ceremony in 2021

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The best mini-series (up to four episodes) was recognized as the work of Gregory of Constantinople “Dead Souls”, shown on the video service Ivi. The films “Saboteur. Crimea “and” Dolphin “.

Two films were chosen as the main comedy projects of the year: “Unprincipled” and “#SidYadoma”.

Another award went to the creators of the animated series Three Cats. In addition to the winning picture, the jury members chose from the projects “Masha and the Bear” and “Barboskins”.

The best full-length feature film was Silver Skates. Its action takes place in St. Petersburg at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. In the center of the plot is the love story of the son of a lamplighter and the daughter of a rich man.

One of the statuettes for the leading role was given to Chulpan Khamatova (“Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes”). The series and the actress’s play were subjected to a flurry of criticism, as viewers saw in it a distortion of historical facts and inciting ethnic hatred. Despite this, the tape managed to gather an impressive audience.

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The prize in the male category was taken by Pyotr Fedorov (“Dyatlov Pass”). And the most vivid images of secondary characters, according to representatives of the Association, were created by Tatyana Dogileva in the TV series “An ordinary woman 2” and Timofey Tribuntsev, who played Nozdrev in the four-part dramedy “Dead Souls”.

The prize for camera work was awarded to Yuri Nikogosov and Mikhail Dementyev, who filmed the project “Chiki”. Gleb Filatov, Alexey Strelov, David Khaiznikov (“Dyatlov Pass”) and Nikolay Bogachev (“Trigger”) also nominated for the award.

The best script, according to the producers, formed the basis for the series “Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes”. It was written by Anna Anosova, Larisa Leonenko, Vasily Pavlov based on the book of the same name by Guzel Yakhina. The prize was shared with them by Ilya Kulikov, Vasily Vnukov, Alexander Sysoev, who created the script for the Dyatlov Pass film.

  • Shot from the series “Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes”

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The Best Casting Awards went to Ekaterina Malyutina and Eduard Oganesyan (Chiki).

The prize for the best music was taken by the composer Suren Tomasyan, who wrote the accompaniment to “Chicks”. He shared the award with popular musician Ivan Dorn, who acted as lyricist. The experts also considered the soundtracks to the biographical tape “Magomayev” and the thriller “Dyatlov’s Pass”.

The most spectacular visual effects were created by Ilya Shutov and Alexander Petrov in the TV series Dyatlov’s Pass.

The title of the best editing director this year was awarded to the creator of the series “Sherlock in Russia” Alexei Volnov. He applied for this award at the same time for the “Trigger” tape. He also competed with the editor of “Dyatlov Pass” Stepan Gordeev.

The prize for the outstanding work of the production designer was awarded to the work of Evgeny Kachanov (“Terrible”).

Three historical projects were presented in the categories “Best work of a make-up artist” and “Best work of a costume designer” – “Grozny”, “Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes” and “Dyatlov Pass”. In the first nomination, the prize was taken by Mikhail Vigdorov (“Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes”).

The best costumes, according to experts, were created by the artist of the series “Terrible” Natalya Saltykova. She thanked the assistants for their help and said that the actors were very careful about their work.

The award for the best work of a sound engineer went to Dmitry Kliminov, Roman Platonov and Alexey Sinitsyn, who worked on Dyatlov’s Pass. They bypassed the teams responsible for the production of Trigger and Chiki.

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The Shugaley project, created with the participation of Inessa Yurchenko and Sergei Shcheglov, was awarded a special prize “for cinema that saves lives”. The painting was completed in no time. The release of the film influenced the living conditions of Maxim Shugalei in prison and contributed to his release.

Also the producers of the film “Doctor Liza” Alexander Bondarev and Rafael Minasbekyan became the winners of the award.

“This film brought a lot of bright moments into my life … Everything is fine, if not for the terrible reason that became the reason for this film. One of the most important results, which we are all very proud of – after watching the film, more than 3000 volunteers came to the fund and the fund found large patrons of art, ”Bondarev said.

A special award was given to Boris Grachevsky. The founder of the Yeralash newsreel passed away on January 14, 2021.

Another prize was taken by the creators of the anti-piracy service СontentScan.

The triumphant of the evening was the painting “Chiki”, the creators of which received five statuettes. Several awards went to the projects Dyatlov Pass (four awards) and Zuleikha opens her eyes (three awards).

  • APCiT award statuette

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The APKiT prize has been awarded since 2013. It was founded by the association of the same name under the leadership of Sergei Selyanov and Olga Zhukova. The experts take into account the artistic and production-technical characteristics of the project, as well as the commercial indicators. In 2021, the jury consisted of 37 figures from Russian cinema and television. Among them are Alexander Tsekalo, Janik Fayziev, Inessa Yurchenko, Ivan Golomovzyuk, Alexander Akopov, Eduard Iloyan and others.

The award is open to creators of products shown on federal TV channels that are included in the first and second digital television multiplexes. In addition, since 2019, the award has been given to tapes released on video services. There is also a separate nomination for feature films.

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