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the security and humanitarian situation in Darfur remains worrying

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                Despite the fall of the dictatorship, despite the peace with several rebel groups in the province of Darfur in October 2020, the latter is experiencing an upsurge in violence, especially tribal violence.  This outbreak is accompanied by the departure of UNAMID.  The UN-African Union mission ended its mandate on December 31.  The Sudanese force supposed to replace the peacekeepers is not yet ready.

                                    <p>With our regional correspondent, <strong>Sébastien Németh</strong>

In his report released this month, the UN Secretary General points to the rise in violence in Darfur. Antonio Gutterres sees the phenomenon as a ” blatant evidence of a void in the protection of civilians ».

On January 15, clashes between Masalit and Mahameed left 162 dead and 150,000 displaced. Three days later, clashes between Falatta and Rizeigat caused 20,000 people to flee their homes. Each time, troops are deployed, but after the fact. And they usually only stay for a few days.

A Sudanese force still not in place

These men are an aggregate of police, military, paramilitary. But the real force of 12,000 combatants, supposed to be created following the October peace agreement between the government and the rebel, only exists on paper. The international community is pushing for the government to deploy it. But as Luke Mhlaba, the director of operations of UNAMID, the UN-AU mission said, “ a well-trained force that respects human rights does not happen overnight ».

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Humanitarian needs therefore remain enormous in Darfur, especially as they are added to an already delicate situation with tens of thousands of displaced people living in camps, some since 2003 and the start of the civil war.

These victims of the conflict still cannot return to their villages of origin due to the prevailing insecurity, the lack of state protection and some thorny issues that have never been resolved, such as land grabbing.

About 150,000 people have been displaced as a result of community violence in the El Geneina region. And aid workers have had difficulty accessing these people. But the situation remains volatile. In addition, this violence happened at the worst time during the harvest, so for many, it is double the penalty.

Marianne Ward, Deputy Director of the World Food Program in Sudan

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