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The secrets of Jordi Alba’s second youth


“He could play until he was 40 years old,” believe those who best know the winger, meticulous with food and mature in his family life. He aspires to play for the national team a year and a half later

Jordi Alba, along with De Gea, in training with Spain.
There are footballers who are not judged by their performance, but by the image they project. In a sport with such an emotional charge, everyone is interested in having alleged villains who help to enhance the figure of the candid and traditional hero.

The value of the career as a left back of Jordi Alba (LHospitalet de Llobregat, 1982), having seen the numbers, he should not admit any reproach. Not only that. His figures should match him with the great historical specialists of his demarcation (40 goals and 98 assists in 589 matches between clubs and national team). Although he always had to bear the collateral damage of his extreme competitiveness. He never shut up. Nor did he deny a protest. Whenever he could, he annoyed the opponent and unhinged the fan. To the rival, but also to his own. “But anyone who has gone to have a drink with Jordi Alba will never be able to speak ill of him. He is affectionate and very affectionate. You would take him home,” they defend from their closest circle.

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However, that reverse of Jordi Alba almost always remained in the haze. He barely revealed what was hidden behind his usual sulky gesture on the night of May 2019 in which Barcelona Valverde rushed into the void of Liverpool (4-0). At halftime, he burst into tears in the Anfield dressing room. The disaster was not yet consummated, but he could not bear the feeling of not being up to the task.

There were then those who predicted a progressive football decline. Much less was it like that. A week ago he turned 32 years old. He is in one of the best moments of his career. Barcelona continues to live off its society with a Leo messi who lives pending the uncheck on his left. And, a year and a half after playing his last game with Spain (on September 5, 2019 against Romania), he has regained his box office in the national team.

The relationship with Luis Enrique

Alba is doing everything in her power so that the media’s eyes only recreate her game, and not in skirmishes. Hence, he has been distancing himself as much as possible from the press. In fact, at first it was planned that he would be the one to take the microphone on the eve of the momentous duel this Sunday in Tbilisi, although the one who ended up taking the pulpit before the journalists was the goalkeeper Unai Simon. It is already known. Alba would have had to face, once again, all those issues related to a supposed love-hate relationship with Luis Enrique. A story that was born after a 4-0 with Barcelona in Paris with the Asturian on the Barça bench, and that, despite the manager’s displeasure with players like Alba himself, Busquets O IniestaIt always had more of a legend than reality. Luis Enrique, no matter how much has been written about it, never allowed himself to be carried away by personal phobias on his computers. Players go in and out of their plans according to their particular sporty look, not emotional.

Hence, Luis Enrique, despite the confidence offered to the Valencian player Gayà, has turned to Jordi Alba again, who aspires to take a place in the eleven against Georgia after the disappointing draw of Spain against Greece in the opening of the qualifying phase of the Qatar World Cup.

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Jordi Alba is endorsed by his performance in a season in which he has hardly had muscular mishaps (he has only lost two games due to injury in a campaign in which he has already played 38 games) and also in which he is exploiting the road like no one else open on its shore thanks to the 3-4-2-1 with which Ronald Koeman has propelled Barcelona. Alba has scored five goals this season, has distributed 12 assists, and has carried along with Messi for another year a good part of the team’s offensive weight. After a summer at the Camp Nou in which their everlasting presence in a lane to which they could never aspire was once again discussed Worthy, Mathieu O Junior Firpo, Now nobody realizes the need to look for more spare parts. Jordi Alba still has three seasons left on his contract. And he does not plan to leave.

Emotional stability

“He could play until he was 40 years old if he wanted to,” they defend from their environment. Years ago Alba chose to abandon sugary drinks. Also the habit of approaching the refrigerator without rhyme or reason. Meticulous with his diet, but without more advice than those offered by the nutritionists of the club, he tries to squeeze the silent training. The one that also has to do with adequate rest. And also with emotional stability.

“He is very babysitting. He goes out of his way for his family,” they maintain from their circle of trust. Her daughter was born six months ago Brunette. Piero, three years old, is the first-born of Jordi Alba and his partner, Romarey ventura. His intimates look for a reason for his good fortune: “That peace influences an athlete, as it does all people. And he is very happy.”

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