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The second recycling center in Breda will open in April at Slingerweg | NOW

The municipality of Breda will also open the second environmental station in the city. If it is busy at the recycling center on the Spinveld, the branch on the Slingerweg may also open from 6 April.

It has been very busy at the recycling center on Spinveld for a year now, because many people are going to clean up their houses in corona time. After months full of complaints from citizens and strong political pressure, Alderman Daan Quaars (Waste Policy) has changed tack. The council of mayor and aldermen is allocating 200,000 euros to make the opening of the second environmental station possible.

The employees of Afvalservice keep an eye on how the queue is developing. The second recycling center opens when it is busy. If this is the case, those waiting will be informed on the spot.

According to Quaars, the employees of Afvalservice do everything they can to “operate as customer-friendly as possible”. If it is close to closing time, all waiting are still helped and Waste Service continues to work well after closing time until everyone in the queue has lost their belongings.

The employees look at the material that people bring. When it comes to greenery, rubble, sand or chemical waste, it is possible to allow slightly more vehicles. Traffic controllers are deployed during peak periods. The traffic flow on the site has been improved with better signage. Adjustments have also been made to the last 10 meters before the intake, so that trailers with sand, rubble and prunings are separated.

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The Environmental Station at the Spinveld is open from Monday to Saturday. The Milieustation on the Slingerweg is open on Sundays and at busy times also on weekdays.

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