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The second-hand trade in bicycles breaks records in the county

Figures from the used site Blocket, which TT has read, show that the number of advertisements for bicycles has increased – significantly – in Jönköping County, the increase being 44 percent during the period 1–21 March 2021 compared with the same period the year before.

Tero Marjamäki, Blocket’s press manager, believes that this is primarily due to the lack of newly produced bicycles. Bicycle parts are difficult to reach in the transports and the bicycles can therefore not be mounted, therefore the waiting time is long.

Prices are falling

The other two factors he sees are the health trend, that you want to get out and about and maybe plan a holiday at home in Sweden, and a sustainability trend, that you would rather cycle than take the car for the sake of the environment.

The increase has affected the price, but in different ways. For the most part, the increased supply has caused prices to fall significantly – in Jönköping County the median price is SEK 1,825, which is minus 66 percent compared with the year before.

Below is a clip with Johanna in Jönköping who rides a bike all year round.

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Johanna Mosell does not lack a car. “I do not think it’s worth it for me. Feeling stressed over finding parking, sitting in a traffic jam, all that bit. Then I would rather cycle, ”she says. Photo: Ebba Öberg / SVT

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