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the scientific council has not decided on a date



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Regional elections have already been postponed to June due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The government asked a notice on a new report to the scientific council which kicked in touch Monday, March 29.

The scientific council issued its opinion on Monday March 29 on a further postponement of regional and departmental elections. His answer is 16 pages long and gives arguments for all scenarios. He does not decide. A scenario is privileged nevertheless, it is the postponement of the elections after the summer, because in June the British variant risks toto be still very present. In September, on the contrary, vaccination coverage will have greatly increased.

However, the scientific council also believes that in Septemberbre, after the summer vacation, he there may be a relaxation of barrier gestures like last year, and ae possible recirculation of the epidemicie coronavirus, although hypothetical. The emergence of new variants vaccine resistant is not excluded either. The government will submit a report by April 1, consulting the political parties so as not to take sole responsibility for this decision.

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