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“the school is not a place of amplification of the epidemic” according to the pediatrician Robert Cohen



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The government still refuses to close schools, and this while the Covid-19 epidemic is increasing there. For the pediatrician Robert Cohen, this could only be considered as a “last resort”.
On Monday, March 22 alone, 4,000 positive cases for Covid-19 (students and staff alike) were identified in schools in France. These figures, which are also probably underestimated, reflect a significant increase in contamination in schools. Yet the government has still not opted for school closures, despite new restrictions that recently came into effect.

For the pediatrician Robert Cohen, guest of the 23h of franceinfo Thursday, March 25, closing schools can not be considered. “as a last resort”. According to him, “The increase in the incidence of the disease in children is linked to that of the general population. School is not a place of amplification of the epidemic. It is just a reflection of what it’s happening in the rest of society. “

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