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The saint gets annoyed in The Voice of Finland and completely swallows up the comments of other judges: “Maybe I was a little provoked …” – TV & movies

From the saint, The Voice of Finland’s Comeback Stage hears sharp commentary on the performance feedback of the star coaches.

Juha Tapion team singer Joonas Mäkinen gets criticism from star coaches after his Knockout performance, which he doesn’t Saint do not consider it appropriate.

– Joonas raised the level the most of all the Duelings that went on, the Saint following the performance on the monitor says while listening to Joonas’ song.

– I would have missed a lot more rock like that, then it would have come through me, Maija Vilkkumaa commented after the presentation.

– I don’t quite agree with that! The saint finds himself with a buck.

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There is also feedback from other star coaches to Jonah that makes the Saint frustrated.

– A wonderful sound and that habit would all be allowed to unleash the kind of inner crusher of nations that a Musa like this needs, Toni Wirtanen commented.

– This is so from some generic rocker manual that the sun has to do this and the sun has to do that! The saint is irritated.

Judge comments received by Joonas Mäkinen annoy the Saint.­

Joonas star coach Juha Tapio urges that the singer could train singing technique in particular for another two years.

– Two years! 15 minutes on Comeback Stage, it’s equivalent to two years on Juha Tapio’s team, Saint laughs.

The saint admits that he has provoked the comments of the star coaches and has therefore taken a particularly keen response to the coaches’ feedback.

– Maybe I was a little provoked when all the star coaches were terribly digging for what was missing and what its performance should have been. It doesn’t have to be like rock cocks in general, but what Jonah is like, the Saint says.

Live broadcasts of The Voice of Finland on Fridays at 8 pm at Nelonen.

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