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The revolutionary novelty of WhatsApp that will change the relationship between the app and its millions of users


WhatsApp will have a personalized customer service in which users can raise their problems with the app directly and individually

WhatsApp is incorporating numerous changes in the application.
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One of the main problems faced by WhatsApp users Nowadays it is that if there is a problem there is no natural person to whom they can turn to solve it. Someone on the other end of the phone who can directly hear and understand your complaints or pleas. However, that is about to change.

According to the WABetainfo portal (the site specialized in WhatsApp news), the instant messaging company owned by Facebook will be finalizing a individualized technical assistance program within your messenger app.

The approach is simple. A chat (like any other we have in the application) but through which users can contact customer service in order to report on the problems they have had to face or to be able to solve the doubts that have arisen using WhatsApp.

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To do this, WhatsApp users can open these individualized conversations via the application settings menu.

The incorporation of this new function for WhatsApp would be more or less close to its final implementation for the majority of users. In fact, version of the beta version of WhatsApp for Android it already incorporates it, although it could also be glimpsed in previous versions.

This is how WhatsApp customer service works

In the ‘Help’ section, through ‘Contact us’, the user can write and send a message with their problem. You will have the option to mark if you want information related to your mobile phone to be sent as well.

The answer will open a chat, which will be protected by end-to-end encryption, and will be closed once the incident that reason for communication.

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