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The return to nature of two gorillas born at the Beauval zoo adapted in comics



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The album “Le gorille au dos argenté”, signed by screenwriter Pierre-Roland Saint-Dizier and designer Andrea Mutti, tells the story of two female gorillas born at Beauval ZooParc and released in 2019 in Gabon.
It’s a story that escapes from the comic book bubbles. In the album The Silverback Gorilla, screenwriter Pierre-Roland Saint-Dizier and cartoonist Andrea Mutti tell about the return to nature of two female gorillas, Kuimba and Mayombé, born at Beauval ZooParc and released in the jungle in Gabon in 2019.

Saving endangered species is one of the Beauval ZooParc’s missions and the comic strip focuses on this aspect by narrating the release of the two female gorillas into the wild. “It is really concrete. It is a true story that we are telling, one more step for the conservation of biodiversity”, says Rodolphe Delord, director of ZooParc de Beauval and comic strip character.

Today, nature reclaims its rights and even goes beyond fiction. While Pierre-Roland Saint-Dizier and Andrea Mutti are finalizing their work, one of the female gorillas may be in gestation. This is what the team responsible for monitoring it thinks. “To be able to tell this superb story through this comic book and then learn that Mayombé is pregnant, it is to see somewhere the adventure continues well beyond the comic book”, welcomes Pierre-Roland Saint-Dizier

The release of the album The Silverback Gorilla is scheduled for June 30, 2020 at Glénat editions.

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