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The rebirth of Karine, operated on the stomach, who lost 100 kilos

It is a happy and fulfilled woman who confided in the microphone of Olivier Delacroix in the Libre antenna. Karine has lost nearly 100 kilos following an operation, whereas she weighed 197 kilos ten years ago. She wanted to explain her approach to Olivier and the listeners and say how much her life had changed since. It’s a long, daily fight, she says, but one that is won through willpower and courage. She tells the story of this journey which led her to “rebirth”.

“I would like to address you to people who suffer from obesity to say that it is a daily struggle, but that we can get out of it. Ten years ago, I weighed 197 kilos, I since lost nearly 100 kilos. Me, I had recourse to a bariatric surgery which is called the sleeve (and which consists in reducing the volume of the stomach to cause a feeling of satiety, note) and it metamorphosed my life.

I had comorbidities, I had diabetes and cholesterol. I was lucky to find a surgeon who operated on me. The anesthesiologist agreed, but I still followed a course, I could not be operated like that. I was removed three-quarters of my stomach. It went really well, I thank my surgeon every day who saved me. Besides, I call him ‘my god’.

Heard on europe1:

It’s a new life and you have to learn to live with this baby stomach: you have to eat six to eight small meals, there is a lifelong follow-up.

It was hard after the operation, I was in the hospital for three days, then I went home. When I returned, I was alone with my partner. There, there are no longer the nurses, the doctors … At the beginning, we eat two teaspoons of cottage cheese or yogurt, and we are already full. We can no longer eat and drink at the same time.

It’s a new life and you have to learn to live with that baby stomach. You have to eat six to eight small meals, there is a lifelong follow-up, you have to go to the dietitian, to the psychologist. It’s quite a journey. I think that in order to be successful with weight loss surgery, you need follow-up. After that, there is a problem: the dietician, the psychologist, are not reimbursed by social security.

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Heard on europe1:

Now I can tie my shoes, get out of my house, walk …

Now, I want to tell you that I eat everything, I still make my snacks a few times, but for me, what is important is to stop having comorbidities and to be independent. For me, it’s a rebirth. Now, I can tie my shoes – I couldn’t do it before – I can leave my house, I can walk, I do a lot of things … Besides, I spent December on M6, to “Cake made to order, the best pastry chef”. So, yeah, these are things ten years ago that I couldn’t have done.

I would like to tell obese people who would like to have an operation, to already make the decision for you, and not to please. And to say that yes, it is not easy, but yes, we can do it and especially get help from professionals. But really, there has to be the feeling. We’re going to live our whole life with this new body, this new stomach, so it’s really, really important. If we do not feel the surgeon, if he does not suit us, we will see another. Me, I had met two, I trusted both, but there is one who put me in his establishment and I was the victim of medical grossophobia.

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