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the race for 100% Brazilian vaccines is on

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                Brazil is sinking into the Covid crisis, with 3,650 deaths recorded in 24 hours.  It's a new record.  Meanwhile, the Butantan Research Institute in São Paulo State has announced the development of a 100% Brazilian anti-Covid vaccine.  He requested permission from the regulatory agency Anvisa to conduct clinical trials.  But the vaccine issue is highly politicized in Brazil, and moments later, the Bolsonaro government also announced the launch of another Brazilian vaccine. 

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in Sao Paulo,  </em><strong>Martin Bernard</strong>

Authorities in Sao Paulo say 40 million doses of the Butanvac vaccine could be distributed from July. Thailand and Vietnam are also said to produce this vaccine.

This announcement comes as the Brazil is in need of vaccines to curb a pandemic that has already claimed more than 300,000 lives. The governor of São Paulo, João Doria, took the opportunity to send a positive message, and to mark his difference from President Bolsonaro, his great political rival.

« It’s a great moment of hope for all of us, did he declare. Every day, there are 3,000 or 4,000 deaths in Brazil. A tragedy, a deep sadness. But today is a day of hope, it is the day of the new vaccine. This is the answer of science to those who deny science and those who deny life. »

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Coincidence or not, the Minister of Science and Technology, Marcos Pontes, called a press conference a few hours later. He announced that the Bolsonaro government had also applied for clinical trials on another vaccine, funded by the federal government.

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