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“The question of compulsory vaccination for caregivers arises”, according to the medical director of the Samu de Seine-Saint-Denis

Only a third of medical staff have been vaccinated against Covid-19, the Prime Minister said on Thursday. For Frédéric Adnet, this lack of protection against the virus poses an increased risk of absenteeism in the hospital.
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Only 30% of hospital staff have so far been vaccinated in France, announced Jean Castex on Thursday March 4 during his press conference on the Covid-19 epidemic. “The question of compulsory vaccination for caregivers arises”, reacted Professor Frédéric Adnet, medical director of the Samu of Seine-Saint-Denis and head of the emergency department of the Avicenne hospital in Bobigny.

“I think the nursing staff should be vaccinated”, continued Frédéric Adnet. “Vaccination against hepatitis B, it is compulsory for the nursing staff without there being any real opposition. Vaccinating the nursing staff is a priority.”

“The main limiting factor for opening new beds, to accommodate Covid patients, is the nursing staff who are sick or who are on sick leave, indicates the professor. This generates absenteeism. We must therefore convince caregivers who do not want to be vaccinated that Astrazeneca is a very good vaccine. ”

“There is a lot of effort to be made to get caregivers to change their minds.”

Frédéric Adnet

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Frédéric Adnet calls to one “mass vaccination” in the departments most affected by the circulation of the virus: “We are seeing the good results in England, Israel and the United States. We have to resort, like those countries, to what we had done for the H1N1 vaccination, where we had resorted to vaccinodromes.”

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