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The PSOE offers Podemos to consider vacant housing that which has been unoccupied for two years and its owner has at least another three

Negotiation of the Housing Law


The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Jos Luis Balos.
PSOE and United We Can have resumed this Monday negotiations at the first level on the future Housing Law after the seismic caused by the departure of Pablo Iglesias, although tension and disagreements remain high. Apart from the formula to limit rents, the other front of contention is the concept of “empty house“.

At this morning’s meeting, the Socialists have put on the table a proposal for the definition of empty house, according to which any house that belongs to an owner with at least four homes owned and that has been unoccupied for more than two years will be considered as such, except for justified causes of temporary unemployment.

According to socialist sources, “this definition is proposed so that the municipalities can apply the surcharge of the Real Estate Tax (Ibid) […] with the aim of having a greater effect on the optimization of the use of the residential building stock and reinforcing the instrument of the City Councils to deal with situations of unoccupied housing through taxation “.

The definition of vacant housing is one of the main points of disagreement between the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, whose negotiating team leads David Lucas, and UP representatives, led by Ione Belarra. As with rent limits, both coincide in regulation but clash in ways. In this case, while the PSOE is committed to mobilizing the owners through surcharges of the IBI to take their empty houses to the market, the training address wants to “force” the large holders to dedicate 30% of their homes to social rent.

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United We can recognize the “major disagreement” between both partners, although they admit that “proposals are approaching to establish some type of tax surcharge that penalizes the possession of vacant housing, as raised by United We Can”.


They also admit “progress” regarding evictions, although an agreement has not been reached at this time. David Lucas’s team has proposed this Monday a measure aimed at improving the regulation of the eviction procedure in situations of vulnerability. The measure is intended to “guarantee effective and rapid communication between the judicial body and the social services through a requirement for them to assess the situation and, where appropriate, quickly attend to people in situations of economic vulnerability and / or Social”.

The other novelty in the PSOE proposal this Monday has to do with the housing stock. Socialists pose allocate 50% of public land for social rent, both in actions of new urbanization and in actions of reform or renovation of the urbanization, “which must be included in the legislation on territorial or urban planning”.

According to the criteria of

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