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The Prince of Monaco suddenly shook his uncensored opinion of Harry and Meghan – Albert’s behavior is exceptional – Royal

The royals have not previously taken a public position on Harry and Meghan’s statements in a similar way.

Prince of Monaco Albert says BBC World News channel in a TV interview surprisingly thoughts of the British prince Harry and the Duchess Meghanin from a raging interview in March. He specializes in royals Hello magazine.

Presenter Yalda Hakim asks Albert how he reacts to the interview with Harry and Meghan in Oprah. The Prince of Monaco responds quite bluntly.

– I think it is very difficult to be in someone else’s position, and I understand the pressure they were under, he starts.

– But I think this type of publicity about dissatisfaction, at least in other words, this type of conversations should be held privately between the family.

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– It should not have been put to the public sector in that way. It bothered me a little.

“In a way, I understand what they mean, but I don’t think it was a suitable forum for such discussions,” Albert says.

Prince Albert II, 63, has been the ruler of Monaco since 2005. He is his previous prince Rainier III:n and Grace Kellyn another child and an only son.

The presenter asks Albert if he would have any advice for Harry and Meghan about the future.

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“I wish them luck, but the world is a difficult place and I hope they have the discretion and wisdom to make court decisions,” Albert says.

Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey is one of the biggest scandals in British court history.­

The Royals have not previously commented in public on Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey if the Queen Elizabeth published on the subject opinion not taken into account.

Harry and Meghan openly criticized the British court in a hugely publicized interview.

One of the most appalling allegations was when they accused an unnamed member of the royal family of treating them racistly by asking about the color of their unborn son. Meghan also claimed she did not get enough help in the court for her mental health problems.

Harry recently started a new job.­

Wall Street Journal said on Tuesday that Harry, who had left the court life behind, would soon start working at BetterUp. Harry works for a startup providing mental health coaching as a “chief impact officer”.

Among other things, Harry is one of the people responsible for the company’s product strategy. Harry is also expected to speak in public as a representative of the company.

Harry tells the Wall Street Journal that in his new job he wants to help people and improve their quality of life.

“Coaching offers endless opportunities for personal development,” Harry describes to the WSJ.

– People usually do not pay attention to mental health until they are forced. I want to forget the mindset that help should only be sought when the mind is upset.

Harry and Meghan have made million-dollar deals since leaving the court with Netflix and Spotify, among others. They have invested in start-ups and invested in their publicity value. Experts say their potential economic trajectory could be worth up to billions in ten years.

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