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The presenter named the Bridgerton star a “fat girl” – the actor’s response was popular – Entertainment

Actress Nicola Coughlan was not left speechless when she was referred to as a “fat girl.”

An Irish actor Nicola Coughlan, 34, responded on social media to a podcast presenter who called her a “fat girl from Bridgerton.” Write about it, among other things Daily Mail. Coughlan plays in Netlfix’s top hit Bridgertonin the series Penelope Featherington’s character.

Coughlan responded on Twitter as a podcast presenter Amanda Richardsin to a tweet criticizing Coughlan’s outfit, which was seen above at this year’s Golden Globe gala. Coughlan was wearing a yellow dress and black sweater at a remote gala.

– That fat girl from Bridgerton is wearing a black sweater at the Golden Globe Gala, The Big Calf Richards has tweeted.

– Because it doesn’t matter how hot and stylish you are, if you’re a fat girl, you always think you’re putting on a black sweater. Then you decide not to put on a sweater, but in the end, you put on the sweater because you feel like you have to, Richards tweeted.

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The Irish actress did not remain speechless, but responded to a tweet and told why she had dressed in a sweater.

– I think the knit looked super nice. Molly Goddard (clothing designer) wore them with their designs at a fashion show with dresses, that’s where the idea came from. Also, I have a name, Coughlan, Tweet.

Coughlan’s dress was designed by London fashion designer Molly Goddard, to whom Coughlan referred in her tweet. Coughlan fans also praised the actor’s choice of outfit on both Instagram and Twitter.

– Nicola, you’re the queen. And you looked really great, one fan wrote.

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– The only thing she (Amanda Richards) did was get her attention turned to how beautifully you were dressed and how gorgeous you were from head to toe, another fan wrote.

– You looked beautiful and you are beautiful. Everything in you is beautiful, one of the fans wrote.

Nicola Coughlan presents one of the main characters in the Bridgerton series. She is seen in the role of Penelope Featherington.­

Podcast presenter Richards later commented on his tweet on his Instagram account as well.

– Her name is Nicola Coughlan. His sense of style is much cooler than many of his slender colleagues. She was wearing a black sweater at her first big Hollywood gala, Richard wrote.

Richards also commented on Coughlan’s choice of outfit on Twitter, noting that the cardigan was Coughlan’s own choice.

– He quite rightly pointed out to me that I did not use his name, Richards commented and added:

– I clearly project my own feelings about how obese should always hide in knitwear.

  • Podcast host Amanda Richards:

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