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The Premier League will stop giving away a special prize – the reason for the former superstar’s uproar? – Exports

The Overwatch League no longer rewards the best player in the league with a separate character look.

The Overwatch League has announced the abolition of a special prize for the league’s best player, the MVP, which is the game character’s skin.

The league announced the matter earlier this week, when the party caps of last year’s winning team and the MVP award-winning player were put on sale. Game publisher Activision Blizzard did not justify the reasons for the decision.

Making skins takes a lot of time, so reducing the workload and just rewarding the winning team can be one reason for the decision. Another reason could be the former superstar of the game and being chosen as the best player of the 2019 league season Jay ”Sinatraa” Wonia uproar.

Won’s ex-girlfriend has accused the player of sexual abuse and manipulation. Won, who now plays for Valorant, was sidelined from his team and lost sponsors. Blizzard offered to return the money back to those who had bought Won’s party shirt (a look called Aliens for the Zarya character).

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This year the party skins won the second time the championship winner San Francisco Shock and the superstar of the Shanghai Dragons team Byung-sun ”Fleta” Kim.

My Shock party has been made for the Roadhog character and Kim’s personal tribute to Echo. Both skins are on sale for a limited time.

In addition to Kim and Won, the MVP skin has been given to the game by the NYXL team based on the 2018 league season Sung-hyeon “JJoNak” Bang, whose look called Zan-Nakji was made for Zenyatta.

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In addition to Roadhog, Shock has a Doomfist character skin from the 2019 championship. Winning the first league season, London Spitfire got a look called The Flying Ace for the Winston character.

On the left is the normal look of the Zarya character and on the right is the Aliens skin made in honor of Won’s 2019 MVP Award, from which Activision Blizzard is ready to return the money to those willing due to the uproar.­

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