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The Prado Museum cancels the performance of a monologue by Prez-Reverte mistakenly attributed to Fernn Gmez


The original text, published in 1992 in the supplement ‘XL Semanal’, appeared in the complete works of the actor, director and writer as indito

Daniel Ortiz interprets ‘Soldado’, at the Prado Museum.
A Fernando Fernn-Gmez he liked that text titled The surrender of Breda and that the writer Arturo Prez-Reverte published in 1992 in the supplement XL Weekly, of which he has been a regular contributor for more than two decades. I put the page in a folder and there it was.

Years later it appeared in the volume devoted to the theater in the complete works of the author of The bikes are for the summer, published by the Galaxia Gutenberg publishing house in 2019 and prepared by her granddaughter, Helena de Llanos.

The text, also compiled in a volume entitled Brief work that in 1995 published Alfaguara with texts by Prez-Reverte, was brought to the scene a few years ago by the actor Juan Diego, who performed a version of the piece at the Teatro Espaol. Jos Sacristn, a little later, became interested but no project came to fruition.

Last week the Prado Museum presented, with the title of Soldier, the actor’s proposal Daniel Ortiz, who recited the article turned into a monologue in front of the The spears by Velzquez.

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Six representations have already been made, attributing to Fernn-Gmez the author, until someone has noticed that there was an error. The author is Arturo Prez-Reverte.

“I don’t see bad faith”says the author of Line of fire. “I have maintained a relationship of mutual respect with Fernn-Gmez since he entered the Royal Spanish Academy in 2000. I guess you saved the article page between his papers and someone, when ordering them after he had passed away, he considered it to be his text. It does not matter any more. The director of the Prado apologized yesterday in a call and this matter for me is settled “.

The Prado Museum has communicated that it suspends the performances permanently.

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