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The PP registers in the TC its appeal against the Cela Law for “violating” the freedom of education and “depriving” the Spanish of their vehicularity

Sunday, March 28, 2021 – 21:09

The unconstitutionality appeal, prepared by Albert Rivera’s law firm, is presented four days after that of Vox

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The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, in Congress.

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, will present this Monday his appeal of unconstitutionality against the Cela Law on the basis that the Government’s educational reform violates the freedom of parents to choose the school of their children and deprives Castilian of its status as a vehicular language .

The text, prepared by the law firm of the former leader of CiudadanosAlbert Rivera, will be registered in the constitutional Court 4 days after Vox’s. Married to announce it together with the president of Union of the Navarrese People, Javier Esparza, and the president of the families of the Cofapa, Begoa Ladrn de Guevara, in a concerted school in Madrid.

The text has 10 blocks starting with the Defense of the Spanish Language, which indicates the deprivation of Spanish of its condition of vehicular language in teaching and the designation of the subject Own language to refer to what until now has been known as the Co-official Language.

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Another point appeals to the freedom of teaching, enshrined in the Article 27 from Constitution, understood by the PP as the right that all families have to opt for a public or concerted, ordinary or special model, differentiated by sex or mixed.

The popular they consider that there is sufficient doctrine in the TC to defend the complementarity of the different models. And they argue that the concerted, where the 25% of the student body, it does not exist exclusively to meet the needs of schooling, but to respond to the families’ own demands and to the exercise of freedom itself.

That is why they resort to the monopoly of the provision of the educational service by the State and denounce the planning of school places that dispenses with taking into account the existing offer in public and subsidized centers and the social demand.

They also appreciate indications of unconstitutionality in the fact that the agreements cannot charge for extracurricular services and complementary services and that the Lomloe it prohibited municipalities from giving up public land to build more schools.

The PP also resorts to the suppression of the teaching of the Religion in conditions comparable to the other fundamental teachings and the deprivation of public funds to the schools that are separated by sex, which have been endorsed by the TC itself.

Finally, it denounces the violation of the right of parents to choose special education for their children and the provision of a plan for the integration of special education in ordinary centers.

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