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The power of the observation of the media, “Bourashed” reveals a clever ploy to steal petrol station customers – localities – accidents and cases

The remarkable power of the journalist Abdullah bin Khasif “Bu Rashid” helped to discover a worker who stole customers at an oil station with a clever trick, according to an incident he told the details of in his program “The Fourth and the People,” indicating that the matter almost went unnoticed, but he did not easily realize that he had to pay more than the amount. The usual 30% to refill his car with fuel, so he decided to keep the receipt until he found out himself.

In detail, Bou Rashid said that he used to fill his small car with about 75 dirhams, and he went to the station after the warning indicator about the proximity of fuel was running out, and the worker asked him whether he would pay in cash or with the card, then he informed him that he would pay the card and asked him to fill the fuel tank completely, and after When he finished, he told him that the required amount was 110 dirhams, so “Bou Rashid” was surprised and asked him about the reason, and the worker replied to him that the price of fuel increased this week.

He added that he had seen the fuel meter panel and made sure of the amount, but he could not accept the idea of ​​the high price of fuel to this exaggerated degree between day and night, so he decided to keep the payment receipt, and he did not forget the incident, indicating that he used the vehicle for about a week and deliberately consumed fuel until he was close to He ran out completely, then went to the same station, and the same machine that he used the last time, and confirmed his suspicions, as the value of the fuel that he filled was 79 dirhams, although he made sure to completely empty the tank before refilling.

He pointed out that he asked the supervisor of the station and told him what happened and offered him the two payment receipts the last and next time. The supervisor was surprised and asked him for 10 minutes to check the matter. Bou Rashid told him that he would write a police report if he did not give him a clear explanation of what happened. .

He added that he received a phone call from the supervisor, telling him that the employee had stolen 29 dirhams from him, more than the prescribed amount, pointing out that he later discovered the mechanism of embezzlement of money from clients, as the accused worker exploits the exclusion of customers who use bank cards in payment to be circumvented or stolen. Since they do not pay cash, he adds additional sums to their bills, and at the end of the day he lists the total transactions that he has executed and takes over the difference from the cash sums that he collects.

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Bin Khasif explained that he did not accept the idea of ​​tolerating the station operator because he stole people, and if he asked him for help directly, he would give him the amount he needed, but in the end it is a crime, indicating that leaving the matter to the station until it takes what it deems appropriate.

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