Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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The police investigator: “A rudeness I am not used to seeing”

– What is surprising is their ruthlessness and rawness. That you talk so openly about killing people. You do not care about other people’s human lives and it is a rawness I am not used to seeing, says Lars-Inge Olsson to SVT Nyheter Öst.

The indictment describes the murders as order murders. But the investigation has not yet been able to find out who wanted to see the three men dead.

– No, we do not know, says Lars-Inge Olsson.

Has had different roles

According to Lars-Inge Olsson, the suspects have a large network of contacts in the criminal environment. But it has not been possible to determine whether the perpetrators are part of an established gang.

– They have had different roles. One is a planner and decides when and what to do. Then we have two people who commit the crime and one who attracts the victim, at least on the case on Koppar gatan, and one who keeps the weapons, says Lars_inge Olsson.

See Lars-Inge Olsson tell more in the clip.

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