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The police caught so many cell phone pimps during the week – “A normal citizen does not feel that he is doing wrong” – Turku region

Drivers in southwest Finland committed one offense considerably more than in the rest of the country.

Police had to intervene in the activities of drivers in the national traffic thematic inspection carried out last week.

During the monitoring, special attention was paid to the use of safety devices and inattention while driving. At the same time, the police also carried out the surveillance of aliens, which was part of the theme.

Across the country, more than 2,000 cases were interfered with during the monitoring period.

Southwest Finland police wrote a fine or issued a reprimand to a total of 352 drivers. The number is slightly higher than in the corresponding thematic control last year (310 cases).

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Under the supervision of particularly inattentive offenses were highlighted. Police had to intervene in the use of a mobile phone while driving in 136 cases. There were 730 cases in Finland as a whole.

– The number has increased by 10-15% since last year. A normal citizen does not feel that he is doing very wrong, but the loss of attention caused by the use of a mobile phone is a reasonably large contributor to fatal accidents, says the Commissioner Tuomo Katajisto From the Police Department of Southwest Finland.

There is very rarely a compelling reason to tap a cell phone while driving. By law, the driver of a motor vehicle is not allowed to use a means of communication while driving in his hand. The technical device must not be used in such a way as to interfere with or endanger the driving of the vehicle.

– The cars have advanced hands-free devices, so those quantities should start to decrease a little quietly.

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Southwest Finland Police also wrote fines for non-compliance with the stop sign (11 cases) and security breaches (14 cases). In addition, 23 unsuitable vehicles were reached by police during the surveillance period.

– The large number of defective vehicles in our area surprised. In most cases, the vehicle was visually impaired due to windshield membranes or windshield frost. There were also relatively more violations of vehicle safety rules than elsewhere in the country, Katajisto says.

Only 30 security breaches were detected in Finland, ie about half of the cases were in southwestern Finland. Katajisto estimates that this is due to differences in interpretation. The raid may have been understood differently in different parts of Finland.

– During the theme week, we also observed the evasion of a pedestrian approaching a shelter. According to our interpretation, the violation here falls within the realm of inattention. Not all institutions may have this monitored, and therefore the balance looks like this.

Seat belt or failure to use a restraint was addressed in the front seat in 167 cases and child restraints in nine cases. In Finland as a whole, the figure was about 1,200.

– One third of the victims of fatal traffic accidents would be saved if the use of seat belts were comprehensive, Katajisto says.

In connection with the supervision, the conditions of stay in the country were also checked from foreign drivers found during traffic control.

Checks on identity and grounds for stay in accordance with the Aliens Act were carried out during the week in 57 cases in south-western Finland.

Transport has subsided throughout Finland due to the corona. Still, it has not had the desired effect, with more serious road safety threats than before the corona.

– We can’t say why. Maybe people have some kind of need to get to realize themselves in traffic when they can’t get to bars and restaurants, Katajisto says.

Police conduct about ten nationwide thematic inspections during the year.

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