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the peak of patients in intensive care of the second wave exceeded


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F.Mathieux, J.Cordier, S.Aramon

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France 3

France Televisions

The number of patients in intensive care exceeded the peak of the second wave on Monday, March 29. The situation is particularly complicated in Ile-de-France, where intensive care services are saturated.
A patient from the intensive care unit of the Delafontaine hospital in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis) has just woken up. And a patient who wakes up, it is a little hope in this saturated service. The profile of patients has changed compared to the first two waves: they are much younger. “In the service, we have three in our thirties, we had three in our forties (…). The average age is 50, so it’s over 15 years younger than the first wave“, explains Doctor Daniel Da Silva, head of the intensive care unit of Delafontaine hospital. These patients are sometimes without comorbidity, which confuses the caregivers.

Caregivers fear they will have to triage patients. “The days pass and the hospital tension increases. Caregivers, in direct contact with the field, are rightly concerned. The occupancy of resuscitation beds is now higher than that of the second wave“, assures the journalist of France Televisions Sandrine Aramon, on the plate of France 3. They are currently 4,974 against 4,903 at the height of the second wave.

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