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The path chosen by Jukka Rautakorvi and Tappara for corona reduction was devastating – and the pressure is growing even more

The Finnish Championship League team Tappara’s compression in the coronary disaster tells how the homeland culture prevails in Finland’s number one sport, writes Vesa Rantanen, the head of the sports editorial board.

First came shock, then disbelief dismay, then error patching, and Friday knockout.

The league team Tappara’s swamp in the whirlwind of the self-inflicted corona storm took an even more dramatic turn when one of the club’s most prominent main partners, health giant Terveystalo, terminated cooperation agreement on Friday.

It may be that there are other sponsors in line, as it feels like Tappara’s sports director Jukka Rautakorven the weight of the machined corona scandal is much better recognized outside than inside the hockey bubble.

It all started on Tuesday, when Ilta-Sanomat revealed that Rautakorvi had organized two corona-positive junior players for rehearsals at Hakametsä rehearsal hall.

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This was a violation of the Infection Act, and it caused a great stir, but not yet in Tappara.

In the first in the news wave, Rautakorpi raised his hand well and said he took full responsibility for allowing the eager juniors a training time.

Then Terveystalo’s position Tappara’s severe coronary violation was moderate. Based on the information at the time, the health giant was not going to terminate the cooperation agreement, although the communications director Kati Kaksonen stressed:

– Terveystalo will take more robust action if the partner does not take corrective action or provide us with a proper explanation of the action to be taken.

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A more robust measure was introduced on Friday, and it is worth considering why. After all, the deed didn’t change on the way. Maybe Tappara couldn’t make a “proper investigation,” or Terveystalo saw that the fuss wasn’t going anywhere.

Poleaxe and Rautakorpi did not express to the public that they took the event seriously. Rautakorvi’s main message at the beginning of the news wave was that it was a single “error estimate”.

– That was it nonsense, when we thought about how to maintain a feel for players for future U20 players, The Iron Corps said Tuesday.

Stupidity is when you forget the keys inside.

– This includes human factors and assessments, and has not been consciously done nothing wrong, Rautakorpi stressed.

It was a very strange statement from a long-standing top coach known in puck circles as a “doctor of medicine without a degree” because of his extensive physiological and medical expertise.

It is irrational to claim that Rautakorpi would not have known the rules of interest and that he would not know the practices of the league, as he has been actively looking for the limit of allowed activity for a year.

Now the border finally came up.

The club’s grip on the uproar was also derogatory in the first place. In its press release on Tuesday night, the club apologized for the negative publicity and resentment inflicted on partners and supporters.

On Wednesday sound weights within hockey began to intensify. Ilta-Sanomat’s sports editorial sent a message that people in hockey would not be satisfied with the derogatory tone of Tappara and Rautakorvi, because the crime also stains the innocent.

In particular, the outrage was that Tappara and Rautakorpi did not seem to want to admit the seriousness of their actions, ie the violation of the Infectious Diseases Act, in a situation where the government is considering restrictions on movement and almost half of the league clubs are in corona quarantine.

Directing corona-positive players to training was also considered irresponsible for the players ’own health. Everyone knows that training for the flu is dangerous, but no one yet knows what the consequences of training in the corona may be.

Hakametsä Training Hall III, “Haka Three”, was the venue for the destructive ice training.­

Who would bear the responsibility if the strain had caused serious corona or permanent harm to the players?

Indeed, one sports director of another club told me that one could not imagine continuing in his post after such a thing: he would be fired or resigned.

Within the league, it was immensely outraged that when teams have been ravaged by huge adversities for over a year and taken every possible step to be able to continue operating under the pressure of strict interest rate rules – one sports boss tears everything apart regardless of the infectious disease.

So finally on Thursday, Tappara took stronger action. It gave Iron eared a warning and held an interview.

Tappara thought that if the uproar could be advanced with this measure, but later on Thursday new, more aggravating information seeped out of Rautakorvi’s maneuver.

Contrary to what he had suggested on Tuesday, Ilta-Sanomat said that the illegal ice training had not been organized on the initiative of the players but on the contrary at the request of Rautakorvi.

Later in the evening, Tappara sent out a new bulletin in which it was much broader and more explicit apologized for what had happened.

Tappara finally realized that the first contemptuous and superficial statement had turned against himself. Since then, Tappara, who has otherwise received the largest corona subsidies from the Finnish Championship League teams, has made every effort to keep up with the pressure from outside.

It is very possible that the last chapter of the saga has not even even begun to be written.

Tapparan and Rautakorvi’s actions also ruined the reputation of the innocent. After all, people’s suspicions are aroused when they frantically break the law and, moreover, try to downplay the act under the guise of very trivial sports goals.

Many immediately thought that that must be the country’s way in the league.

On top of all that, Tappara’s goalkeeper Dominic Hrachovina has shared his questionable corona-derogating soma updates. It seems that the lack of corona lighting in Tappara extends from the sports management to the goalkeeper.

Many who suffer from the consequences of the corona wonder how you dare there in hockey – and you dare.

The national team’s EHT tournament in Sweden became infected in several league clubs, and the national team’s management has so far said nothing about it.

Of course, the national team did not violate the interest rate rule in any way. Tappara, on the other hand, violated the Infectious Diseases Act, which is a matter of a completely different scale. But one can always ask whether the national team was really forced to go to Sweden, whose corona policy has been much more relaxed than Finland’s.

These individual and detached pieces give the basic citizen an image of a species that lives by its own laws. The game first, then the other worries of the world, seems to be the attitude of hockey.

Even if the rest of the world’s grief were a deadly pandemic that has caused more evil in a year than any other sport can counterbalance in ten years.

The management of the Hockey League has worked responsibly and with a lot of work with the authorities to enable it to continue to operate even in some contexts. This valuable work was easy to ruin for a long time, and it was done by Tappara and Rautakorpi.

One of the problems with sport, and especially with Finland’s largest sport of hockey, in gaining social credibility is its reputation as a state-of-the-art and somewhat arrogant state within a state that does what is required by form, but ultimately all according to its own needs and values.

In top sports, it is valuable to make choices on the terms of top sports, but in such a global situation, top sports are required to have a completely different social responsibility than it has been able to demonstrate over the years.

The iron ear trick can be a mix of an individual coach who has badly lost his world of values, but it can also be a symptom of a deeper sport of the sport.

One in which the boys’ turn of teenagers is valued as a more important issue than health safety and Finnish law.

The puck people want to state emphatically that it was an isolated stupidity, but only deeds show whether it was.

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