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the passage again open to maritime traffic


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Human error could be at the root of what will remain one of the longest and most expensive traffic jams in the world. Lhe giant container ship Ever Given, which had been blocking commercial traffic on the Suez Canal (Egypt) for a few days, was able to be put back afloat on Monday March 29.
On the Suez Canal (Egypt), the sirens of the tugs light up to celebrate the happy outcome: after a week of blockage, a gigantic container ship has finally been put back afloat. It is the epilogue of a race against time to free the narrow passage through which passes 10% of international maritime trade. Egyptian television is broadcasting the event live. The presenter points out that it was the high tide at midday that allowed the boat to take off from the bottom.

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At low speed, Ever Given climbs north, before resuming its route to its final destination, Rotterdam (Netherlands). At dawn on Monday March 29, the ship began to move. The propeller and rudder had just been released, but the bow was still stuck in the sand. It took all the power of the tugs, sent as reinforcements, to pull the boat from the bank. The investigation into the causes of the accident has only just begun, and the Egyptian authorities are not ruling out any hypotheses. “Big accidents always happen for several reasons combined. It can be a technical and human error.”said Osama Rabie, head of the Egyptian Suez Canal Authority. The Suez Canal is once again open to maritime traffic. Three or four days will be necessary to absorb the immense traffic jam.

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