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The other pending battles between Gnova and the Andalusian PP

Sunday, March 28, 2021 – 19:05

After the clash in Seville, the national and regional directors resume contact with suspicions to address the pending congresses in half of the community and try to avoid new confrontations

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, and the party’s general secretary, Teodoro Garca Egea, at the Cordoba provincial congress.

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What happened in Seville cannot happen again. that’s the slogan with which the national leadership of the PP tries to dissuade the Andalusian PP from starring in new internal confrontations such as the one that has taken place in the Sevillian congress, which this Saturday culminated with the proclamation of the Gnova candidate, Virginia Prez, as president of the party in the province after a bloody battle that has not yet concluded and in which the courts could have the last word.

But although the team led by Pablo Casado has issued the warning and insists that repeating the Sevillian pulse is not an option and that the Unit It is the only possible way, on the immediate horizon other battlefields are glimpsed.

They are the congresses that are still pending to be held in half of the Andalusian provinces, in which the PP must renew its territorial structures and in which, to date, the national and regional leadership of the party have not reached an agreement.

After the peaceful renewal was reached in the PP of Granada and Córdoba and the reelection, somewhat less peaceful, of Elas Bendodo as president of the PP of Malaga, the congresses of Almera, Jan, Cdiz and Cdiz have not even been set yet. Huelva. In all these provinces, positions are far apart and Genoa has made clear its interest in extending its influence with like-minded executives and presidents.

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At least in theory and publicly, the national leadership of the PP and the Andalusian leadership coincide in the desire for unity and the commitment to dialogue to agree consensus candidacies that avoid new clashes and contribute to restoring the damaged bridges between Madrid and Seville.

According to EL MUNDO de Andaluca, the two parties -between which there has always been interlocution, according to the Genoa version- have sat down again to talk about the provincial congresses that are pending and that must have been held before the summer in agreement. with the calendar drawn up by Pablo Casado’s team, with the general secretary, Teodoro Garca Egea, at the helm and as the main architect of a strategy that has the declared objective of controlling the party from below to strengthen the figure of Casado.

Contacts again

This same week, almost at the same time that a final and impossible integration agreement was being attempted in Seville, the interlocutors from Genoa and the Andalusian PP have resumed contact with a shared idea, which has not been new battles, but how to do it is another matter.

Especially because Juanma Moreno’s team does not give up giving up all the land to Gnova and losing organic power in its own territory. And because Gnova, at the opposite extreme, has already declared that it is going ahead with its Roadmap and will not agree to modify it.

As it is, and according to sources familiar with the negotiation, the distrust in what prevails right now in the relations between the national and regional leadership of the Popular Party. Do not be fan of each other and the misgivings are enormous after the outcome of the Seville congress, with numerous attempts at agreement, almost until the last minute, which seemed like facts and ended up being frustrated.

In addition, there is the impression in the surroundings of the mayor of Carmona, Juan Vila, the candidate of Juanma Moreno, that Virginia Prez has gone to a certain extent for free and it has not respected even the pacts that Genoa negotiated.

The malaise became evident on Saturday, with the notable absence of the president of the Andalusian PP and the Junta, Juanma Moreno, at the closing of the Sevillian conclave as protest gesture and of rejection of a party model that it does not share.

A priori, the most likely battle is the one that could occur in Cdiz, where Moreno’s candidate, the current president, Ana Mestre, faces an insurmountable obstacle without the consent of Gnova, the incompatibility of her position as delegate of the Andalusian Government. And those of Casado do not want her at the head of the party in the province, where they prefer to place a reference cadadista.

In Huelva, the current president, Manuel Andrs Gonzlez, does not want Gnova either and the same problem extends to the PP of Almera and Jan, where the swords are raised.

The renovation in Malaga, still to be achieved

The congress of the PP in Malaga resulted in the re-election of its president, Elas Bendodo, who has been authorized by the national leadership to reconcile the organic position with that of counselor of the Presidency in the government of Juanma Moreno. It was the result of the agreement reached by the national and regional leadership of the PP and which was extended to Granada and Cordoba, with consensus candidates. But in the case of Malaga, the process has not been closed and there are pending fringes that cause tensions.

Specifically, the differences between Gnova and the Andalusian PP refer to the name that Bendodo insists on raising as his number two and general secretary, Patricia Navarro, who has already held this responsibility in recent years and who aspires to repeat.

But being a delegate of the Andalusian Government in Malaga, her appointment goes against the statutes and requires the explicit endorsement of Gnova, to which Pablo Casado’s team, and more specifically Teodoro Garca Egea, does not seem willing. The pulse has not ended and Bendodo insists, to the point that the Mlaga secretariat is still vacant.

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