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the new restrictive measures are “a good compromise” for Patrick Pelloux, president of Amuf

The restrictive measures announced on March 18 by Prime Minister Jean Castex are “a good compromise to teach us in the medium to long term to live with this epidemic“of Covid-19, affirms Patrick Pelloux, president of the Association of emergency physicians of France (Amuf) on franceinfo on Sunday March 21. The emergency physician still lambasted the government’s vaccine strategy and campaigns for”mass and immediate vaccination“.

franceinfo: Were you surprised by the restrictive measures announced by the government?

These are measures that suit me because, in fact, we are all a little fed up with all these restrictions and this permanent embrace because of the epidemic, but I find that there has been a good compromise with the intelligence of a people who nevertheless applied the wearing of a mask, hydroalcoholic gel, physical distancing, even relationships in the private world. It is a good compromise to teach us in the medium to long term to live with this epidemic.

Thousands of people gathered this Sunday in Marseille for a carnival and without a mask for many …

It is quite questionable, I saw the images, nobody wears the mask. But, we must take advantage of seeing if this carnival which took place in Marseille will have the same consequences as what happened in Nice and Dunkirk where these groups have revived the epidemic. That is interesting from an epidemiological point of view. But let’s hope that the population understands the fact that we must not regroup, otherwise they will be forced to go further into containment. Especially since the vaccination is not progressing. And I’m going to push a rant again. The deliveries are not arriving, so here we have to turn to diplomacy so that there are really punches on the table with countries that do not want to deliver the vaccines to us.

Are you challenging the government’s vaccine strategy?

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I strongly contest this vaccination strategy which ultimately prevents people who want to be vaccinated, even if they are under 50 years old. I think we have to vaccinate 24 hours and everyone and it’s called mass vaccination. What non-governmental organizations know perfectly well how to do. At this time, we ask MSF to vaccinate France since we have a vaccination committee that is pulling the plug with the High Authority of Health, Public Health France, the Directorate General of Health, the scientific committee, the Directorate. hospitals, regional health agencies and let’s bang our fists on the table and put a single pilot on the vaccination plane. Our only way out is mass and immediate vaccination.

And how do you explain the French backwardness in research? Sanofi will undoubtedly offer a vaccine, but at the end of the year …

It is up to politicians to find solutions. We must regain the country’s sovereignty over the pharmaceutical industry and especially redevelop research. Because, in fact, the world’s largest industry is the pharmaceutical industry, the biggest lobbyist in the European Parliament. There, we pay for the broken pipes. Everything we had to do to anticipate a crisis, masks, our independence on medical equipment, our independence on gowns, our independence on vaccines and essential drugs, we have lost everything over the past 30 years . There, the only chance we have to get out is the vaccine.

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