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The new CaixaBank starts with the challenge of a job adjustment based on “voluntariness and meritocracy”

“We started from pole”, stand out on the day of Bankia’s disappearance after its absorption the top executives of the ‘superbank’, Jos Ignacio Goirigolzarri and Gonzalo Gortzar

Gonzalo Gortzar and Jos Ignacio Goirigolzarri, this Friday in Valencia.

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    Competition authorizes CaixaBank to absorb Bankia but limits its power in 86 areas of Spain

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A historic day for the banking sector in Spain, with the start of the new CaixaBank. The already president, Jos Ignacio Goirigolzarri, and the CEO, Gonzalo gortzar, have appeared this Friday in Valencia at the headquarters of the entity. Specifically, at the headquarters of the now officially new ‘superbank’, after the approval of the absorption of Bankia given this week by the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC).

“We want to lead the transformation process of the financial system that is going to take place in the coming months and years,” said Goirigolzarri. Gortzar has insisted on this line: “We started from pole.”

In effect, the first banking group in Spain opens with a client portfolio that exceeds 20 million, before which the CNMC It has already dictated that the new CaixaBank must limit its power in up to 86 areas of the country. That is to say, it basically limits its monopoly position in part of the territory to avoid the financial exclusion of thousands of citizens due to the expected closure of offices.

No less important is the size of its staff, which exceeds 50,000 employees. That is to say, a volume that already augurs a hard process of job adjustment The negotiation of which is scheduled for after Easter, as confirmed by both directors, although without giving any kind of figure on the impact that the layoffs could have.

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The only thing that Gortzar has advanced are the criteria that will be applied: “We want to do something that is not traumatic and that prevails voluntariness and meritocracy.” In addition, despite the fact that everything indicates that older employees will be the main affected by the restructuring process, the CEO did not want to send a message to this group to questions from the media, but has specified that age is not a criterion.

The “organizational restructuring” will not be the only challenge in the coming months that the entity will have to face, which is also marked as a milestone “technological integration” in the coming months, so that all clients have access to the same services.

The brand unification It is another of the pending tasks, both from the point of view of the corporate buildings – starting this weekend – and the office brands. In this case, the idea is to reach June with the CaixaBank brand in all Bankia branches.

Asked about the possibility of take a leap to the European level and to establish a large cross-border bank in the future, Gortzar wanted to make it clear that in the next three years the focus will be solely on consolidating this merger operation: “We are going to have maximum attention in the Spanish market.” “The debate will arrive when these three years pass,” he has sentenced.

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