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The neighbor pushed a surprise out of the mailbox, which draws silence – Domestic

Neighboring conflicts are increasingly swelling to completely absurd proportions. Probably the reason is that the nerves are tense during the Corona period, experts wonder.

Last year During the period, disputes between neighbors have increased, say several experts interviewed by Ilta-Sanomat.

Head of Neighborhood Mediation Pia Slögs says that the number of cases has even doubled compared to 2019. The increase in neighborhood disputes has also been noticed by the Real Estate Association’s Deputy General Counsel Kristel Pynnönen and the Director of the Management Association Marianne Falck-Hvilstafeldt.

The nerves are tense during the Corona period anyway, which is reflected in the neighboring disputes so that the disputes also now escalate even worse.

– The rhythm of life and everyday routines have changed, so the load brought by stress is already bigger. That’s when conflicts are more challenging to reconcile, explains Slögs, the director of neighborhood mediation.

Lawyer Antti Haanpää says even the most egregious criminal cases related to neighborhood disputes have increased over the past year.

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– We are talking about defamation and illegal threats. It can also be damaging that a neighbor’s property is destroyed, Haanpää describes the litigation that ended up in court.

For neighboring disputes it is typical that they start with a relatively small thing, such as playing the piano or a shift in the laundry room.

In one condominium, a dispute over playing the piano led to a neighbor going to drop messages from the mailbox first barking at the piano player’s skills. When the piano playing didn’t stop, someone had dropped a raw fish from the mailbox.

When people spend days at home during Corona, there is more time to pay attention to the neighbors and anything that annoys them in their dealings.

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– There have been more such excesses. It is easy to have a disproportionate dispute about a reasonably small disturbance issue, Haanpää describes.

The voices and noise from a neighbor have been by far the biggest cause of neighborly disputes this year.

However, the housing association must tolerate normal housing noises, reminds Falck-Hvilstafeldt, director of the Property Association.

Mecca and disruptions have also been caused this year when restaurants are closed due to interest rate restrictions or their opening hours are limited. Celebrations have in some cases moved to homes.

– Increased drug use in homes is also reflected in housing associations. I’ve heard this context such a new phenomenon that sexual harassment has increased in the stairwell, and other common areas of the apartment complex, Falck-Hvilstafeldt says.

Corona time has brought other new trends to housing in addition to teleworking. At home, for example, we train.

– It may be that a treadmill has been purchased for the home when you can’t go to the gym, Pynnönen says.

A reader of Ilta-Sanomat also tells about the pain caused by the neighbor’s home gym:

– I hear vibrations from above for an hour. As if running on a treadmill. Often there are also sharp bumps. It looks like weights are dropped on the floor.

Among other things, many have been enthusiastic about renovating and decorating even more enthusiastically during the Corona period. This, of course, results in drilling, nailing, and other noise that plagues neighbors ’nerves.

Downstairs were completely renovated. That’s when I listened to drilling for three months while trying to do telecommuting, an IS reader says.

Problems also caused by neighbors who, in the opinion of others, now have too much time to intervene in the affairs of others.

In one condominium, a resident kept an eye on the stair cleaner’s work trail with devotion and made constant complaints about uncleanliness in the stairwell, although other residents of the condominium did not see the cleaner’s work trail as reprehensible. The cleaner got tired of complaining and using and resigned.

The same resident also constantly complained about children’s toys in the yard areas and pet droppings. The board of the housing association tried to intervene in the activities of the serial appellant, to no avail.

An IS reader tells of a neighbor who first sought out his friend but then became awkward and started demanding money.

– One day I told him matter-of-factly that now I can’t help you anymore. He barked at me to other neighbors and spread false information.

According to Slögs of the Neighborhood Mediation, the most difficult and disgusting cases are those where conflicts have developed for a long time and camps have developed in condominiums or neighborhoods.

– That’s when people often feel bullied and despised. This can have a serious impact on people’s well-being. When for each of us, a home should be such a safe and comfortable place, Slögs points out.

In addition disputes traditionally arise over topics: the use of common areas such as saunas, laundry rooms, courtyards and parking lots.

In a shared laundry room of a housing association, one of the neighbors repeatedly threw the wet laundry of the others from the machine to the floor of the living room and took the washing machine for his own use, even if the owner of the laundry had come to pick them up before the end of his turn.

Sometimes there are also controversies over children playing – where play is allowed and where not.

In addition, pets are a duration issue. In a Facebook group on a housing association, a dispute over dog droppings led to a resident threatening to collect dog poop and throw it in the dog owners ’mailboxes.

One resident threatened to collect dog poop and throw it in the owners ’mailboxes.

Certain the problems have already subsided since last spring, when the coronavirus was a new thing. For example, there is no longer so much ambiguity as to whether one can go to the same elevator with others. Also, the cancellation of joint jogging saunas no longer provokes similar resistance.

– The rules of the game have been obtained for these, Kiinteistöliitto Pynnönen says.

Neighbor problems may be alleviated in the future: many are already making changes in their own telecommuting work that will help them do work at home with perhaps less friction.

– In one housing association, it was even a bit playful to consider whether anti-noise headphones should be bought for all residents, Pynnönen says.

Neighboring conflict experiences were also shared for this article by anonymous property managers and readers of Ilta-Sanomat.

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