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The National Rehabilitation Center adds a new scientific study to its list of research achievements – local – others

The National Rehabilitation Center has completed a specialized scientific study titled “The Impact of Family Participation in Treating Addiction to Opioids: Results from a Peerless Clinical Study”, which concluded that the patient’s retention rates and completion of his treatment program tripled than if the family did not participate, as the study was recently published In one of the most prestigious scientific journals, which is the International Journal of Social Psychiatry

The study, which was carried out over a period of 16 weeks in non-resident treatment, used data from 141 patients who had received treatment for opioid use disorder in the outpatient clinic to assess the association between family participation and treatment completion rate.

The study followed the random distribution approach of the sample, which carries the highest level of scientific attribution, and the results indicate that the chances of patient retention are tripled if the family participates in the treatment process by only attending family sessions and showing interest and understanding of the patient’s condition and the challenges that he goes through during the recovery period.

The study recommended the importance of developing and adopting multi-axis treatment programs that integrate patients’ families, and making use of digital technologies that have developed greatly during the Covid-19 pandemic, to organize the provision of treatment and counseling sessions and consultations.

The study also indicated the most prominent obstacles that prevent families from engaging in treatment, especially what is known as social stigma and logistical procedures concerned with coordinating appointments and transportation, and the frustration that may affect the family due to the challenges of the disease, and the conviction of some that treatment is a matter for the patient alone and there is no role for the family in that.

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In this regard, the National Rehabilitation Center was keen to provide its outpatient clinics with a distinct package of options to provide services to the auditors, especially after the adoption of the counseling system and virtual sessions, which also include family intervention programs, which would integrate family members in the various treatment stages of the addiction patient and to maintain the confidentiality of treatment. And patient privacy.

The Director General of the National Rehabilitation Center, Prof. Dr. Hamad Abdullah Al-Ghafri, chaired a team of 11 doctors and specialists in the treatment of addiction from the staff of the National Rehabilitation Center, who participated in the design, preparation and implementation of this study, each within his scientific specialization.

Commenting on the completion of this study, Prof. Dr. Hamad Al-Ghafri said: “At the National Rehabilitation Center, we have a distinctive infrastructure and a qualified national cadre with world-class experience to deal with addiction patients, which enables us to develop and provide comprehensive and specialized treatment programs based on scientific research and innovation as they are two engines. Two main reasons for the distinction we aim to achieve in the field of drug addiction treatment. ”

Al-Ghafri added: “This new study comes in addition to a large number of other scientific studies completed by the center’s team, which we are keen to be internationally approved for the development of addiction treatment sciences. The results of this study are the first quantitative assessment of the benefits of integrating the family into treatment and taking the recommendations of the study. High recovery rates can be achieved. ”

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Al-Ghafri added: “We cannot overlook that there are some social obstacles that have always accompanied the treatment of addiction, but our goal today is to continue to seek to remove these obstacles and to provide the scientific evidence that addiction disease comes with a number of challenges and can be treated and prevented by developing scientific approaches, approaches, studies and research for innovative interventions. And that the psychological support that the patient’s families can provide is a major part of the package of treatment interventions.

It should be noted that all studies carried out by the center are subject to the highest standards of scientific research and the highest standards of governance for clinical studies that are universally applied and effective in the country.

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