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The most painful defeat for Real Madrid: beaten against Efes, Tavares injured and Laso sent off | Euroleague 2020


The whites fall at home 83-108 and will risk their lives in the last two games, against Olympiakos on Friday and against Fenerbahce on the 8th.

Garuba, against Efes.Fernando Alvarado placeholder imageEFE
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A defeat could hardly be more painful for him. Real Madrid. Even on the edge of the cliff, losing to the Anadolu Efes entered the pools because those of Ergin Ataman They came like a shot, but Ay! The invoice. Edy Tavares could not play for most of the second half due to a blow to the left hip and Pablo Laso He was expelled by a double technique that, given the subsequent scene, could lead to sanction for the Vitorian technician. Almost the least was the difference (83-108) for a team that spent the fourth quarter thinking about how much to play in the next 10 days.

All derail in the third quarter. Starting with Tavares’ injury when barely a minute had passed. Bryant Dunston entered the offensive rebound like a truck and carried Usman Garuba, which was thrown and fell on the Cape Verdean’s left hip. After lying in the park for a while, Tavares tried to continue in vain. He forced the foul on the two possessions, asked for the change and did not go back in the whole game. The images, first attended by the physios and then covering his face with his hands, do not bode well. At least for Friday’s game against him Olympiacos, which now takes on much greater significance.

Madrid did not finish there, which despite the blow threatened a comeback. And if it seemed possible it was largely thanks to Usman Garuba, possessed when the situation of the team most demanded of his 19 to just met. Azuqueca’s oozes intensity, much more important than the mistakes that youth make. And in a critical moment for whites, rather than coming out on top, he took the lead: an offensive rebound to save a possession. A basket of two. Another bounce to launch a counter. A robbery Beaubois and a plug to Sanli in the same possession. A triple from the corner. A robbery that ended with assistance to the counter. All in just a few minutes that put the score in a fist (64-70).

The key moment

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And it was there, at the top, where everything began to go wrong. First with a technique to Rudy Fernndez for catching the ball after that basket on the counter. That’s how loose was the whistle. Later, for a foul on a triple by Larkin in the last possession of the quarter, despite the fact that it was the American who stuck his leg out to force contact. Laso, with a short fuse, lost the papers.

The Vitorian received two techniques in a few seconds and, before leaving, he spent a good time rebuking the three referees. “Don’t worry, I’m leaving! Do not worry. Leave. I’m tired! All year like this! “, He would say, pacing from one place to another. Sitting down, getting up again, going from one place to another until he headed for the locker room. In that free-throw carousel, Real Madrid was over. six points to start the last quarter again at 12, without Tavares and without Laso.

Despite the fact that this episode was definitive, the defeat is not explained only by referees. Also because of the problems of Conversationalist (overflowing) and Taylor to rattle Simon in the first quarter (15 points). In the direction of Micic (13 and 6 assistance), the second part of Larkin (16) or Sanli’s party (17). The only positive news, Garuba aside, was the return of Rudy Fernndez (13), although it did little to close the gap between Real Madrid and Efes. The Turks are already mathematically in the playoffs and the Whites will risk their lives in the last two days, against Olympiakos on Friday and against Fenerbahce on the 8th.

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