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The Ministry of Health forces Agua de Bejs to pay 100,000 euros to avoid its closure

An inspection detects structural deficiencies in the bottling company and the City Council requests 6 months to solve them. It is the same amount as the frustrated tender

Twenty people work at the Agua de Bejs bottling plant.
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    The privatization of the bottling plant Agua la ‘Calma’ in Bejs

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To Bejs bottling plant, in which about twenty people work, the dwarfs continue to grow. Parallel to the failure of the first tender to award the management of the plant by the City Council, an institution that cannot continue to take charge of its maintenance, now, the city council has come across a negative report by the City Council. General Directorate of Public Health, dependent on the Ministry of Health, after an inspection that was carried out in this industry.

Despite the fact that these inspections are periodic and habitual, the truth is that the last visit of Sanidad port bad news for the City Council. Have been detected structural deficiencies that Health has asked to solve if we want to avoid closure, explains the mayor, Josefa Madrid.

The mayor points out that we have presented a work plan to the General Directorate of Public Health on how we can repair these deficiencies but, in it, we ask that they give us a period of six months. We cannot disburse that money just like that, so we ask the Ministry of Health for time. We are still waiting for an answer, says Madrid.

And it is that Health asks to solve some structural deficiencies of the plant, which dates back to 1985, which entail an approximate cost of 100.000 euros, as the first mayor emphasizes.

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We have to see how we can pay that money, because right now we don’t have it. First, that they respond to the work plan and then we will see where we can get it from, Madrid adds, emphasizing at this point the importance of an external company taking over the management of the plant.

Although they are parallel processes that have nothing to do with it, the truth is that if the City Council managed to attract a firm to Bejs it would solve part of the problem, since perhaps the company could, by assuming the management of Agua de Bejs, take care of these shortcomings.

Likewise, there is the paradox that the cost of repairing the deficiencies detected by Health is very similar to the bidding price of the plant in the first tender that was left void, 100,000 euros. This is clear from the tender notice, published in the Public Sector Contracting Platform on November 13 of last year. The City Council of Bejs has been granted the right to use the name of natural mineral water and the concession of use for the bottling plant by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Innovation until September 9, 2039, date until which, at the moment, the contract will be awarded.

Similarly, the City Council asks the successful bidder to resolve some technical issues in the bottling plant, such as the equipment for the water bottling process, as they are equipment, most of which was acquired more than 10 years ago; modernize the facilities, adapting them to the new procedures and technologies available; repair and update the building, mainly in relation to the changing rooms, dining room and water facilities and prepare the plant to improve its productivity and adapt its production costs to the reality of the market.

Nevertheless, the first contest was deserted and now experts are studying how the contract could be improved, to make it more attractive, or how to optimize its dissemination to attract more firms.

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