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the Minister of Reconciliation meets with victims of political violence

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                This meeting follows the series of consultations since the appointment of Zéphirin Diabré to this post.  The object is to collect proposals for a plan that could lead to national reconciliation.  Even if the participants do not reject the idea of ​​reconciliation, they believe that certain prerequisites must be lifted, including compensation for victims, the truth about certain facts and a timetable for the judicial treatment of certain cases.

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in Ouagadougou</em>, <strong>Pedestrian Boudani</strong>

Victim of violence in 2000, Gauthier Zagré saw his parents’ home set on fire and his parents expelled from the city of Koudougou for claiming ” justice and truth On the assassination of journalist Norbert Zongo, in December 1998 in Sapouy. For him, it is above all necessary to compensate all the victims: ” The very fundamental question of national reconciliation must be based first of all on compensation, compensation which consists in appeasing hearts, so that people can find themselves in a serene framework to be able to discuss national reconciliation now. »

For Malika Sondé of the Collective against impunity and stigmatization of communities (CISC), to achieve national reconciliation and cohesion, we must re-establish the facts and situate the responsibilities: ” There are facts that have been disguised in this country. We must already identify what really happened, who are responsible so that we can talk about justice before talking about reconciliation and forgiveness. »

Mistrust of politicians

Pouahoulabou Victor, president of the Union of Families of Martyrs of the Popular Uprising of October 2014, demands full light on the events of October 2014 which left around thirty dead: ” After the insurgency, we continue to suffer. And that leads us not to believe in someone today who speaks to reconciliation because we are going to the third reconciliation. In 2001, Blaise Compaoré screwed everyone up. We no longer trust politicians. But we can believe them if they talk about justice and reconciliation. »

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Zéphirin Diabré, the Minister of State for National Reconciliation, reassured the participants by declaring that certain concerns will be examined even before the holding of the forum on national reconciliation.


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