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The “Met” announces the date of the beginning of the spring semester in the country – localities – other

The National Center of Meteorology announced that the country is witnessing the beginning of the transitional period called the “spring equinox”, which is the transitional period between winter and summer, pointing out that it is characterized by the different and rapid change of pressure regimes in the atmosphere, which leads to rapid changes in the elements of weather and weather conditions. .

The center stated that tomorrow, there is an equation between the length of the day and the length of the night, which is the beginning of the transitional period (the spring equinox), where the sun is perpendicular to the equator, then the sun begins its apparent movement towards the north as a result of the rotation of the earth around the sun and with it the daytime period will gradually lengthen and the degrees rise Heat, especially during the day, with average maximum temperatures between 35 and 38 degrees Celsius.

He stated that the average minimum temperatures during this period range between 23 and 25 degrees Celsius, while opportunities for the formation of fog and light fog remain ripe for the country during this season, indicating that the maximum relative humidity ranges between 62% and 82%, while it ranges from Average humidity is between 36% and 47%.

The center noted that the winds during this season are generally moderate in speed, as the country is affected by the cycle of the land and sea breeze in most days of the season, and the winds are active sometimes, and they are dusty, and the average maximum speed ranges between 27 and 30 (km / hour).

He said, “During this season, depressions are likely to pass over the country, with clouds increasing with the chance of rain. The average rainfall for the month of April on the country is 7.53 (mm), while the average for May is 2.28 (mm).”

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