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The Mestis regular season was played to completion – the playoffs start with these setups – Mestis

The regular season was won by Kiekko-Espoo.

Hockey Mestis’ Regular Season ended on Saturday when Hermes bowed to a 1-2 loss to JoKP at home. The match was no longer affected by the league rankings.

The Mestis playoffs begin with a wild card round, in which the seventh, or Kiekko-Vantaa, of the regular season will face the tenth-ranked Peliitat and the eighth-ranked TuTo will play against the ninth-ranked Hermes. The Best of Three series start on Tuesday.

The regular season was won by Kiekko-Espoo before JoKP and Ketterä.

The other players who continue directly to the semi-finals are KeuPa HT, IPK and Koovee. FpS and Hokki, who finished 11th and 12th, were left out of the playoffs.

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RoKi and SaPKo did not play through to the end, they ended their season when the series returned in February from a long break caused by the coronavirus.

Mestiksen semi-finals and semi-finals are played like the wild card round with the best of three system. The finals will be played in the best of five series, and the opening final is scheduled for April 20th.

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