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The mayor of Palma is forced to stop the renaming of the streets that associated Franco

The socialist Hila reversed the elimination of streets in honor of the 19th century admirals who wanted to erase “by Francoists”

The mayor of Palma, Jos Hila, in a ceremony held in the city.

The mayor of Palma, the socialist Jos Hila, has been forced to paralyze the name of the streets of Palma that his municipal government ordered to eliminate by attributing to them a supposed Francoist connection that has turned out to be falsely constructed. And that in at least three cases it included prominent 19th century sailors who lived more than a century before the Franco regime.

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Hila has made this extraordinary announcement this morning in Palma and has stated that she will convene an emergency meeting with the Balearic Government, responsible for the census on which the municipal government of the city has relied to undertake these changes.

The matter has raised intense controversy throughout Spain and the mayor has received harsh criticism and public disapproval from historians, personalities and descendants of some of the figures who were to undergo this change in nomenclature, being suppressed from the Palma street after more than 70 years. present.

In fact, throughout this week they have already begun to remove the plates with the names of the streets. Half of the dozen roads and squares affected are missing. All changes are put on hold until a decision is made.

The most flagrant cases are those of two 19th century admirals who fought in the famous naval battle of Trafalgar (Calle Almirante Churruca and Calle Almirante Gravina) and that of a 19th century admiral and former Minister of the Navy, a war hero of Cuba (Admiral Cervera).

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The mayor was based on a thesis of the census makers, who argue that these streets were named in honor of navos de guerra that were part of the Navy during the Civil War and Franco. But the truth, as the historical documents published by this newspaper show, is that when those streets were named (in May 1942) they were named in honor of the sailors. Not a single document in the historical record alludes to warships, which to make matters worse were built and launched years before the Civil War and which even fought on the Republican side.

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