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The mask guide continues: STM’s Kirsi Varhila’s mask statement is astonishing – a strict answer from the chief physician of intensive care – Finland

Decision-makers tune the mask compulsion, but at the same time underestimate the benefits of masks.

SocialChief of Staff of the Ministry of Education and Health Kirsi Varhilan statements on face masks on Thursday In Yle’s A-Talk are amazed on social media.

– In mid-February, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) stated that its (masks) benefit is small, Varhila said.

Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo said earlier in the same broadcast that masks are useful as part of a whole. Varhila, of course, slammed Ohisalo.

– But just like that: as part of other measures, ie hygiene measures, distances, etc., it (masks) becomes an added value. But in itself the benefit of masks is negligible. In a way, scientific evidence is still lacking, Varhila said.

Kirsi Varhila, Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.­

Varhila’s mask comments were amazed on Twitter by, among others, the chief physician of anesthesia and intensive care Risto Kuosa.

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– Varhila doesn’t change his line! Masks provide really good protection when used properly. This is especially true of staff who effectively treat coronary patients, whose own illness with corona has been extremely rare compared to other hospital staff, Kuosa wrote.

Maskikommentit hit a strange seam, as the government in its bill introduces a mask coercion to the worst epidemic areas. Violation of the mask obligation could result in a fine of 40 euros.

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A couple of weeks ago, the statements of the Department of Health and Welfare (THL) on the same issue were marveled at. Prime minister Sanna Marin said at the time In Yle’s Ykkösaamu THL assessed to the government that the mask coercion would not achieve significant additional benefits in combating the corona.

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At the time, THL responded on social media to many who wondered about it.

– It is important to use masks as comprehensively as possible, and we strongly support the mask forces targeted by various actors at risk, in addition to these, the general #mask force imposed by the authority alone does not, in our opinion, bring significant added value in this situation.

In the air Assistant Professor of Aalto University, studying moving droplets and aerosols Ville Vuorinen sees further sense in the use of face masks by large numbers of people.

– In surgical masks, the benefits are greatest when as many people as possible use them. In particular, they apparently also protect other people in the case of new virus variants.

Most Finns wear surgical masks. According to Vuorinen, FFP2 or FFP3 respirators would also provide better protection for their wearer, as they are known to have better filtration ability against small aerosol particles in the air.

Where possible, Vuorinen would recommend using more effective guards when moving indoors, such as in a store or stairwell.

– The assumption is that it would still be important to use even some kind of mask.

FFP2 respirator.­

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Face masks was also hotly debated last spring. In the spring, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health published a report on the basis of which the benefits of face masks in everyday life would be minimal or non-existent. The government did not issue a mask recommendation until August, although many other European countries had issued one much earlier.

Recent research evidence also suggests that the mask may alleviate the severity of coronary heart disease by reducing the amount of viruses that infect the body when infected. The research results have been reported by e.g. The Economist.

The mask obligation is already widely in force, for example in public transport.

Surgical protective mask.­

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