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The mandatory replacement time for summer tires is approaching – this is the new replacement rule for spring – Cars

According to the new Road Traffic Act, tires must be used on a road-based basis.

According to the Road Traffic Act, which entered into force last summer on 1 June 2020, winter tires must be used on a road-based basis by the end of March.

Here, weather-based means that March is not the deadline for the use of winter tires, but studded tires can also be used afterwards, assuming that the weather or the weather requires it. And when no longer required, the tires must be replaced at the latest.

“When changing tires, you should never think about the calendar, but look at the prevailing conditions,” says Traficom, a leading expert at the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency. Jussi Pohjonen in a bulletin sent by the Agency.

In practice, therefore, a person planning to change tires should take into account their own driving times and driving routes and make their assessments accordingly.

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– In this spring, regional differences in conditions can be very large, which is worth taking into account when planning a car trip.

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The more liberal rules for changing tires have been in place for one winter tire season so far, but at least last winter, the new road foundation clauses did not seem to cause any major problems.

In the parking lot monitoring carried out at the turn of January-February 2021, summer tires were detected in only four passenger cars in a sample of more than 1,200 cars, which is also in line with previous monitoring results under the old law.

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– Finnish motorists seem to have internalized the new winter tire rules very well. On the other hand, even one tire unsuitable for winter weather is too much for road safety, the consultant in charge of the follow-up study Jouko Lahti says in the same press release.

Traficom tips for changing tires

  • Check the condition of the tires and, if necessary, a new worn, damaged or old tire.

  • The mini-groove depth required by law for a summer tire is 1.6 mm. However, the safety recommendation is at least 4 mm.

  • Make sure that the direction of rotation of the tire is correct.

  • Check air pressures, including the spare tire.

  • Remember to tighten the wheel bolts carefully and retighten after driving a few tens of kilometers.

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