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The majority of cancers are related to lifestyle – the professor warns in particular about one alcoholic beverage – Health

In the Docrates Cancer Hospital press release, the hospital’s founder, Professor Timo Joensuu, says that he is particularly concerned about alcohol use in the elderly.

The greater part cancers are related to lifestyles and not genes.

Docrates Founder of the Cancer Hospital, Professor Timo Joensuu says in a hospital bulletin that one of the most significant risk factors for cancer is alcohol.

– Even a small consumption of alcohol increases the risk of gastrointestinal cancer and breast and liver cancer, Joensuu says in a press release.

– I am worried about older people’s use of alcohol, because it adversely affects the intestinal mucosa and more significantly the colon and rectum cancers. Calvados liquor in particular is a hard poison in this respect.

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Calvados is a cider made in France in a specific region.

Alcohol changes its shape in the human body to toxic acetaldehyde, which has been shown to be linked to an increased risk of cancer.

Acetaldehyde is also naturally present in apples, for example, and with them in alcoholic beverages made from them. Studies by Indeed, Calvados contains more acetaldehyde than any other alcoholic beverage. Acetaldehyde is also abundant in spirits, brandy-type beverages, port wines and sherries, among others.

Alcohol also causes cancer through a number of other different mechanisms, not all of which are yet fully known.

Certain diets promote cancer health

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In the press release, Joensuu says that eating habits also affect the risk of cancer. According to research, the best diets that promote cancer health and general well-being are the Mediterranean diet and the diet in accordance with general dietary recommendations.

Chief radiologist and Timo Joensuu, specialist in cancer and radiotherapy.­

Adhere to traditional Mediterranean diets eat plenty vegetables, olive oil, nuts, fruits, fish and whole grains and use moderate alcohol and a small amount of red meat, sweets and industrial grains.

– Alternative diets such as the pH diet, carp, fasting and the Gerson diet have no evidence for cancer prevention or treatment and therefore cannot be recommended for cancer prevention, Joensuu states.

Four out of ten cancers would be preventable by lifestyle

Evening News has previously said that as many as four out of ten cancers could be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle.

Interviewed by IS Development Manager, Department of Health, Cancer Organizations Virve Navy recalled that the same healthy lifestyles that can be used to avoid cancer are also beneficial to health in many other ways. Lifestyle improvements can also prevent, for example, cardiovascular disease or combat type 2 diabetes.

– Eating healthily, exercising and keeping weight under control and not using tobacco and nicotine products increase overall health, well-being and endurance. These things only have beneficial effects, Lavisto said.

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Joensuu reminds that in addition to diet and drinking habits, long-term exposure to the sun, among other things, can cause cancer. Typically, the risks of all cancers begin to rise after the age of 50, but the release states that if the family has developed cancers, a screening should be done as early as age 40.

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