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Home Sport The Los Angeles Lakers injury broke a negative trend
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The Los Angeles Lakers injury broke a negative trend

Fix star LeBron James has missed the last four games with an injured right foot. The pair’s horse Anthony Davis has not played since mid-February due to problems with his right calf.

Without their two poster names, the Lakers have had it tough and slipped down to fourth place in the Western Conference. In 46 matches, there have been a total of 17 losses.

But last night came a much-needed trend break.

Harrell behind the victory

Montrezl Harrell became the big winner with 24 points, including several solid thumps, and ten rebounds when Cleveland was defeated 100-86 at home in the Staples Center in Downtown.

The visiting Cavaliers had the lead with 51-44 at half time before the reigning champion team turned in third after winning that period with an impressive 28-10.

– We have to take one match at a time. We can not look two or three weeks ahead and wait for them (LeBron and Davis, reds note) to come back. We will not only keep our heads above the water, but we will win matches, says Harrell to

“Lakers have champion DNA”

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At most, the Lakers led by 19 points in the fourth period.

– The Lakers have “champion DNA” so we knew they would not settle down. In the third period, they increased the intensity and we could not match it, says Cleveland’s coach JB Bickerstaff.

As for LA’s Anthony Davis, he was examined by the doctors before the match and has received the go-ahead to increase his training. He was out on the field and shot before the team came out for the warm-up.

ARCHIVE: LeBron injured – twisted in pain (March 21)

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LeBron James injured himself against Atlanta. Photo: Bildbyrån.

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