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The lock reset Tappara, a really rare cold for Anrei Hakulinen – this was what happened in the Finnish Championships on Friday – Finnish Championships

Three matches were played in the Finnish Championship on Friday.

A resident of Kouvola On Friday, KooKoo hit hard on the thin playoff dreams of HPK, the reigning champion of the SM League. KooKoo applied to Hämeenlinna for a three-point victory in the final round with 2-1 goals.

HPK:n Markus Nenonen took the hosts lead towards the end of the second round with their 11th goal of the season Valtteri Puustinen and Tommi Tikan feeds. Kouvolalainen Samuli Ratinen brought guests to the levels at the start of the third installment with their tenth full hit of the season.

KooKoo’s winning staple struck with force Ahti Oksanen less than four minutes before the end. The ninth KooKoon Victor Brattström stretched with paint to 25 discs in front.

HPK is still aiming for the tenth place and last playoff place held by Sport. The Club Score Average is now 1.21, while Sport’s equivalent is 1.38.

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HPK currently has five matches on its calendar when Saturday’s away match against the quarantined Ilves was canceled. The next four matches of the sport were canceled after the team was quarantined on Wednesday due to a positive corona test.

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In Rauma fluctuating top team Lock and Tappara, the sixth in the league, played a low-key match. The goal went on for nearly 56 minutes until the four-chain veteran striker Toni Koivisto hit the home side for a liberating hit.

Koivisto hit the preliminary work did Heikki song and Niklas Ylitalo.Aleksi Saarela hit 2–0-Final readings blank.

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Lassi Lehtinen picked up 28 reels and fought off his sixth draw of the season.

The match saw a rather rare cool in the opening round. Lock Anrei Hakulinen had a two-minute session after committing a violation at the start.

Tapparan after that, the seventh KalPa took the victory over the league jump JYP in honor of Friday. JYP suffered a 1–8 slump loss at home at KooKoo on Wednesday, and the performance didn’t look much better in Kuopio either.

Kai Kantola hit the hosts with two goals with superiority, and KalPa was eventually scored three points on a 4-1 score. JYP’s great promise Brad Lambert pilasi KalPan Matej Tomekin zero night less than three minutes before the end.

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