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The Liberals split before this weekend’s vote

It has been almost three weeks since the Liberals’ party board decided that it wants to be part of a bourgeois government after the 2022 election, even though such a government must cooperate with the Sweden Democrats.

On Sunday, the 65 representatives in the Liberal Party Council will make a decision on the issue – and the situation is described as tense.

The Liberal Regional Council in Stockholm, Anna Starbrink, is critical of the party board’s line. According to her, it is better to go into opposition after the next election instead of sitting in a government where you have to pursue a policy that the party cannot stand for.

“We who reserved ourselves have little tailwind”

She believes that the situation is even between those who want to open up for a certain collaboration with the Sweden Democrats and those who believe that the door to the party should remain closed.

Judging by my own conversations, it feels like we who reserved ourselves against the party board’s proposal have a slight tailwind, says Anna Starbrink.

The Liberal Youth League, Luf, is also critical.

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– We must definitely seek cooperation because we are not one of the largest parties, but there are plenty of examples of how to form governments and find cooperation without letting in extreme parties, says chairman Romina Pourmokhtari.

At the same time, there are several districts within the party that have chosen to follow the party board’s line.

– My assessment is that the party board’s proposal, which had a majority in the party leadership, the party board and the parliamentary group, also has support in the party country, says the Liberals’ press manager Adam Alfredsson.

Hinnfors: Sabuni may be forced to resign

Professor of political science Jonas Hinnfors believes that the conflict between the various sides is deep in the Liberals.

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Should the party board’s line win in the vote, he believes that the conflicts can continue into the election campaign. Should the opposing side win, Hinnfors believes that it may be difficult for Nyamko Sabuni to remain as party leader.

Ever since she became party leader, she has tried to guide the party from the January agreement and back to the bourgeois camp, despite the fact that the prize would possibly be some form of association with SD. If she loses that fight, it’s hard to see that she can stay.

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