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The Liberals in Blekinge on the fateful election: “Want to see a bourgeois government”

On Sunday, the Liberals decided on the path to the future. The result was that stand behind Nyamko Sabuni and the party board’s line, that the party will be part of a bourgeois government after the parliamentary elections next year, even if it requires the support of the Sweden Democrats.

The Liberals’ county chairman in Blekinge, Börje Dovstad, participated in the party council when the decision was hammered out.

– I want to see a bourgeois government after the 2022 election and support Nyamko Sabuni’s and the party board’s proposal for a new start for Sweden. It is clear to me that it is the inability of the current government to solve the growing societal problems that provides a breeding ground for both right-wing and left-wing populist parties. Social problems such as segregation, crime and shortcomings in welfare must be given liberal solutions, says Börje Dovstad, in a press release after Sunday’s party council.

“Discussions with members”

He further emphasizes that the Liberals’ members in Blekinge are behind that decision.

– My position on the issue is based on long and many discussions with the members in Blekinge and I feel that we in the county have a consensus that the party board’s proposal is the best for the Liberals and the best for Sweden, says Börje Dovstad.

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