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the leaders of the left say yes to Jadot to sit around a table

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Olivier Faure, Fabien Roussel and Benoît Hamon, leaders of LFI, PS, PCF and Generations, answered yes to the call of MEP EELV Yannick Jadot launched Monday to environmentalists and to the left to stand quickly get around a table in order to build a “great project of hope” for 2022.

“I want to make an appeal to Anne Hidalgo, to Olivier Faure, to Julien Bayou, to Christiane Taubira, to Jean-Luc Mélenchon: in the days to come, we need to sit around a table and agree to build the great project of hope that we need for 2022 “, pleaded Yannick Jadot on France Inter, because” if we go there divided, we have no chance of winning “.

“We must have the historical responsibility to speak to each other”

“I have since invited Cédric Villani to Fabien Roussel, Delphine Batho, Benoît Hamon, Raphaël Glucksmann. All of us today must have the historic responsibility of talking to each other. Perhaps we will not succeed, but let’s try and then we’ll see, ”he added to complete his invitation list.

“A nomination process to have a single candidacy”

“We will perhaps define together a nomination process to have a single candidacy, but let’s talk about the substance, let’s build this hope for the French” because “there is no need to resign ourselves to the extreme right in our country, there is no need to resign ourselves to Emmanuel Macron “who, according to him,” is neither a bulwark on the extreme right nor a bulwark against climate change “.

“Yes”, replied laconically in a tweet the founder of Générations and ex-presidential candidate Benoît Hamon, while the national secretary of the PCF Fabien Roussel said he was “ready to meet all the candidates or party officials left “, by listing the subjects to be addressed:” social and ecological emergency, youth, job creation, reindustrialisation, public service, nationalization “.

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Jean-Luc Mélenchon himself said that he was “ready to meet Yannick Jadot personally,” as we did in 2017 before you joined Benoît Hamon. Glad that you are ready in your turn. ” he slipped into a tweet. “The danger of the extreme right has become extreme. You are right to reach out,” he added.

Olivier Faure said he called Yannick Jadot to tell him his “agreement on his desire to build a common project which leads to a common candidate”, to “get out of the division and rise to the challenges”.

“Still the muddle and the grub! It is not urgent!”, Reacted immediately Jean-Luc Mélenchon, for whom “the question is to resist together and without exclusive against the offensive of the extreme right . What is urgent is a pact of non-aggression and the organization of common resistance “.

Yannick Jadot defends the need to agree on “a process of designation” and “a project of conquest”. “A primary which becomes an identity primary, which is not a primary which turns to the French, but which looks at the navel to know what is the identity of the left or the ecology would be a primary defeat would be a losing machine, ”he warned. In mid-March, he had already wished for a common “designation process”, but for all parties in the “political space” located between Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Emmanuel Macron, for the presidential election of 2022. He had also warned It has been several weeks since he would take his “responsibilities” if the September primary of the environmental pole bringing together EELV, Générations, Cap Ecologie or even Génération Ecologie turns into a “machine to lose”.

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